Integration of Konnected panel and Smarthings Z Wave / Zigbee?

Hello all. I have been doing a lot of reading and learning of many cool things on these various topics. I am highly considering switching out my wired honeywell system to the Konnected panel using a Smarthings Hub. 

My question however, is I currently have mostly all wired sensors with the exception of two window sensors and a glass break sensor which are wireless. I saw a post on the Konnected site that states Zwave or Zigbee sensors integrate with Konnected into Smarthings. If i replace these sensors with Zwave or Zigbee, how do they integrate with Konnected? If these sensors activate, will they alert the Konnected panel and activate my wired siren? I am not familiar with the Smart Home Monitor or how it sets up.


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