Piezo Actions: Quick Beep on contact open/close possible?

I've read through the online docs, and the forums and didn't find anything similarly answered.

Currently, the piezo stays ON until the contact is closed; I'm looking for a way to have it "chirp" 3 times consecutively/quickly on open and on close; similar to most standard alarm systems. 

I have only been able to find a way in the SmartThings app to set the piezo sound ON to a minimum of 1 minute (duration WAY to long and no repeat option).

My piezo is connected to the GRD and OUT on the side (not the zone terminals) on the add-on panel.

Thanks in advance!

  • Did you figure this out yet? Mine beeps, but the pattern is never consistent and sometimes it stays on for like 10 seconds.  Any help would be great.

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