Hi, New to Konnected and to Hubitat but looking forward to getting it all set up. Ive managed to install all the driver and apps code in Hubitat and initially got the main Konnected panel recognised and the zones set up. I also have a Konnected Addon board, which didn't appear when in discovery mode. I deleted the alarm board that it did discover, thinking I'd start from scratch again. After that, nothing was discoverable, not even the main konnected panel which had previously been detected. Sigh. So, starting to get desperate I deleted the konnected app altogether in Hubitat. Now I seem to be able to add in a new app (konnected) and find the original board, but once done with setting up the board nothing is listed in the apps list. Seems like it is not saving the app settings. Is there something i can do to reset the konnected app, as it seems to have gotten confused (or maybe thats just me). Also, should it detect the second konnected board as well? Steve
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