Amazon Alexa as Door Announcer

I linked my Echo dot to smart things and created routines to announce which door is open. Kind of helpful to know which door was opened, as opposed to the chime that indicates one of the doors was opened. Now to figure out a way to turn the chime on or off depending on desir or need.
  • Like I said, feeling dumb.  The key piece of information I was missing is that this must be done on my phone and not on the PC.  Easy to set up the routine on my phone.  Now all I have to do is get it to actually work.  Will refer to above postings for that.

  • Alexa is not discovering my Konnected contacts, motion sensors etc.

    konnected is installed and working perfectly on my Smarthings hub

    I have checked all the devices in the Alexa Smarthings smartapp

    I have run discover on alexa

    I have disabled and then re enabled smarthings on Alexa

    Still when I go into Alexa Routines none of the Konnected devices are showing.

    I know it is most likely something I am not doing but just can't figure it out. Any assistance is appreciated.

  • Carey, this is likely not the best thread for this issue, but quickly, is your Konnected setup working in every other way? I will say that Alexa software leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to easy use.

  •  Yes it is. I just see people in this thread saying how easy it was for them. Please refer me to the correct place to ask this question

  • I would post this on this forum, but just in a new thread. I would also post this on the Smartthings community forum where you're much more likely to get several responses.

  •  Will do. Just trying to get some type of chime notification etc when a door is opened.  Basic function on an alarm system but I can't figure it out on konnected.  Sure there has to be something simple thanks!

  • Carey,

    I initially could not get Alexa to work with my konnected stuff but after I disconnected and reconnected smartthings it was able to work.

  • Anybody try this since the latest Konnected Firmware update? I added a new contact sensor to Konnected, set it up in Smartthings, discovered it in Alexa. All good to this point, however; if I create a routine in alexa with the new contact sensor it does not work. Even created an Alexa virtual switch that changed state when the contact sensor was pressed and held the state for 5 seconds, in case it was a momentary push problem. Still no luck. Just to be sure I created a routine with an old contact sensor. No problems. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Have you logged in and out of the Alexa Skill in SmartThings? Or was it the SmartThings Skill in Alexa? One of those you need to log out of and log back in to get routines to work right. Otherwise it will act like it works, but just won't.

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