i purchased a 12 zone konnected kit to replace my honeywell vista 20p wired alarm system and integrate with my existing smartthings hub.  i recently finished up with the first phase of my install and had the itch to show off my progress.

i made my own backing board and risers before i realized konnected had these for sale.  i probably would have purchased these from konnected had i realized this in time -- i spent about the same amount of $$ making my own.

i terminated all of the 2-wire sensors on the main panel, and the 4-wire sensors to the add-on panel -- this allowed me to group all of the aux power with wire nuts and run a single + and - to the aux power on the panel, keeping the wiring relatively clean.

i set up a tablet to replace the old alarm keypad using  an old nexus 10 that wasn't getting any use, a 12v to 5v micro usb converter, a koala tablet wall mount, and a low voltage electrical box.  the tablet is running fully kiosk browser, action tiles, and dakboard for a screen saver.

future wish list includes a garage door opener, security camera feeds to the tablet, and a battery backup for the konnected panels.  i'd also like to come up with a better wall mount solution for the nexus 10 that hides the power cord -- ideally a full frame.

super happy with the konnected kit so far!!

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