Samsung SmartThings Hub 3rd Generation [GP-U999SJVLGDA]

About to install 16 zone Konnected for first time.  Just realized that I never ordered a hub.

There are 2 hubs listed on Amazon including the "V3"...

I assume that the V3 will work with Konnected, but wanted to make sure before ordering...

Can anyone confirm?  Experiences?



  •  From Nate:

    • Hi Hugh,

      The new V3 hub (or 2018 hub as Samsung is calling it) should work just as well. I just got mine in the mail yesterday but haven't gotten a chance to confirm yet.

      The only odd thing is that the 2018 hub can only be initially setup with the new SmartThings app, but Konnected can only be set up with the SmartThings Classic app. So you'll need both apps on your phone to get everything going. It's no big deal really and as long as you sign in with the same Samsung account on both apps, you can use both simultaneously and it works fine.

      Nate Clark

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