I'm in the process of installing a new 24-zone system I received today. I have about 40 pre-wired sensors and I tried to trace them using a tone tester but after only tracing two of them I decided I would just wire 6 sensors at a time up to one konnected board, open/close windows, and then label the wire.

When I started with the first 6 zones wired up I would open a window for a few seconds and SmartThings wouldn't update the state. I've seen some delays with other ST sensors that I have, so I thought it was just a ST app issue. So I pulled up the live log on the SmartThings site and started following it. What I found was intermittent messages being received. For example, I would open the window and no event was logged, but when closing the window is would transition to close. Repeating the action would show the open event, but no close. Intermittently I would see both the open and close event, but about half the time at least one of the events would be missing in the log. So I had to rule out ST as the problem. 

I disconnected the NodeMCU from the konnected board and then connected the MCU via USB. I updated the firmware to the latest version and then removed the device in ST and re-added it. After doing this I connected the D5 and G pins with a wire and see in the console the update to the state: 

Heap: 32888 HTTP Call: 204 state 0 pin 5 
Heap: 32888 HTTP Call: 204 state 1 pin 5 

The problem I am seeing is that it takes right around 3 seconds between when the circuit is closed and when the above message is written. The messages above seem to be after the call is complete. Setting up a SmartLights automation to trigger the buzzer on the state changing causes the sound to start playing slightly before the 204 call messages above are printed, but still at least 2 seconds after the sensor state changes.   

I've searched through the community and haven't seen any clear descriptions of the sensor delay. When I watched "Konnected Alarm Panel detail demonstration" video on youtube it appears to take less than 1 second to respond to changes. 

Was is the expected delay? Is there a way to decrease this delay? 


  • Is this delay an issue if using openHAB or other local hub?

    Sorry, if the answer is obvious, I'm an hardware guy not a software guy.

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