At home I have several CO and flood sensors in the water heaters and furnace that Xfinity didn't carry as they deem almost everything as not compatible. So I was thinking, If could I use the Konnected board with these extra sensors and monitor them from SmartThings?


  • Mark, 

    My approach when developing new devices with sensors other than those supported by Konnect has been to develop using  NodeMCU boards with a ESP8266. They are relatively cheap to purchase and are available from a variety of sources (Amazon, AliExpress, Banggood). I've attached pics of these two items for your reference. 

    While the Konnected Integration under HA provides some flexibility I've found that using the ESPHome Integration with HA allows a greater variety of devices well beyond Binary switches, Temp/Humidity. Check out the ESPHome site at ESPHome

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