Siren Not Activating on Second Main Board

Setup currently on a test bed. Two Main Panel Board and One Add On. Main Board #1 six sensor and siren output (indoor). Main Board #2 six sensors and siren output (outdoor). Add-On Board two sensor and Beep Beep via Smart Lighting App. Everything works except Main Board #2 Siren (outdoor) is not activating - no board alarm red light and no sound .Main Board #1 Siren indoor works fine. 


  1. Automation - Alarm Panel #2 - Next -  Alarm/Out - Siren/Strobe. Alarm/Out device name - Siren Outdoor
  2. Dashboard - Smart Home Monitor: Gear Icon - Security - Next - Next (every sensors) - Alert with Sirens - Select Sirens: Siren Indoor and Siren Outdoor.
  3. Made sure everything got saved.
  1. Outdoor siren (hardware) checked normal with external power supply.
  2. Main Board #2 LED alarm light does not light up and no output voltage (with multi meter) at Siren Output.
  3. All indication on Smart Home app normal - ALARM! and Push Notification etc.
  4. Main Board #2 Siren Output  negative voltage when Armed (no alarm)/Disarmed
  5. Main Board #2 Siren Output negative voltage when in alarm condition
I currently have Siren Outdoor and Siren Indoor  Favorite Icons for testing purpose and for easy activation. Unable to activate Outdoor Siren.  

What am I missing?  Anybody got two main board with two separate sirens? Thanks

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