Connecting a Temperature & Humidity sensor

Can you connect a Temperature & Humidity sensor to the Konnected Security panel? If so how do you connect it?

  • This example create a new sensor, which will report 2.5degrees celsius less than the real sensor value.

  • Ok, i see.  But are you able to adjust the temperature remotely?  or at the very least, will this set-up keep a constant temperature?

    Thanks for the help.

  • The sensor measured higher value than the real temperature. this solution is just adjust the value to the real temperature.

    You can set up a virtual thermostat based on the sensor:


      - platform: generic_thermostat

        name: "virtual-thermostat"

        heater: switch.heater_relay

        target_sensor: sensor.new_temp_sensor

  • Laszlo, could you provide more details on how you were able to offset the temp/humidity? Did you create a virtual sensor that used inputs from the real sensor? My sensor is off quite a bit.
  • Hi,

    Here is my config, it will reduce the original sensor value by 2:


      - platform: template



            friendly_name: "Adjusted temp"

            unit_of_measurement: '°C'

            value_template: "{{ states('sensor.original_temperature')|float - 2 }}"

  • Thanks for the reply! Sorry I’m not too familiar with this, could you provide more detailed steps? I need to create a virtual thermostat and use the code you provided somehow?
  • This code for Home assistant.

    You can put it in the configuration yaml file.

    after restart the HA It will create a new sensor. 

    just substitute the sensor.original_temperature name with your original thermostat name.

  • Oh, I’m running ST... haha never mind :)
  • Did anybody figure out how to get t his working for a 50ft distance from the board?  What pieces are needed. 

  • @Stephen Kaplan I've successfully used the dht22 temperature and humidity sensors with approx 12ft of network wire and multiple 18b20 temp sensor at over 20ft using just old network wire and the standard 4.7k pullup resistor. But what I find works best for me is just putting boards in multiple locations. I have 8 different konnected boards all throughout my property. The one in my utility room monitors the hot and cold water via 18b20's, the room temp and humidity via the dht22, a buzzer, a siren, and in the future probably door contact, water contact, and water shutoff. When I get a chance I will check and see how long of a wire will work with these two sensors
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