Connecting a Temperature & Humidity sensor

Can you connect a Temperature & Humidity sensor to the Konnected Security panel? If so how do you connect it?

  • Amazon is a great source if your needing your items in a timely manner. However, if your whiling to wait a couple of weeks I've found AliExpress to be a reliable supplier. I've attached a screenshot of a 12v to 5v step down converter for a few bucks. -Greg
  • Thank you Adswalter I think I'll try the splitter option. By any chance is this the route you took? If so, would you happen to have a pic of the Splitter Cable you made. Again thanks for the help.
  • @michael, in testing I made two cables that look like the one in the photo attached, but for the projects I'm work on I had just went ahead purchased a few konnected developer boards, same functionality minus the aux output, but lots more pins to make for a cleaner install. And if I need a high current aux switch I just use a relay board.
  • @michael, 

    I concur with Adswalter. As you can see from the picture he posted showing the Konnect Developer Board it provides access to several DC power sources including 5 pairs of 5 VDC pins. I've included a pic showing the pins for the 5VDC that could be used to power your temp/humidity sensors. 

    You can purchase a Konnected Development board (Wi-Fi Module - NodeMCU v3) at It will be preloaded with the Konnected firmware and software.



  • @Greg,

    I am having the same issue powering the DHT22 Temp/Humidity sensor from an external power source.  Do you have any suggestions or ideas?  

    I tried using an external variable power supply set to 5vDC for my test, but seems like the board does not receive any data when powered externally.  When attached directly to the Add on board's 5v pins there is no issue.

    My challenge is setting the DHT22 sensor in a remote location, but currently only have 2 wires running back to the box.  So I am trying to power locally at the sensor site and use one of the wires for the data back to the main box.

    Last note, I was able to use the Alarm board zone 1 and power the sensor from the add on board's 5vDC pins.  still does not help my situation.  Both are not connected directly, so not sure how that works.

    I appreciate any feedback or help.



  • @Michael When using a separate power source for a remote sensor the ground from your 2nd power supply would have to be tied back to the ground on konnected board, thus completing the circuit. The reason you were able to take power and ground from the aux board and send a digital signal to the alarm board is probably because you are using the same power supply for both boards thus there grounds are bond together via the power supply.
  • @Adwalter,

    Thank you for the feedback!  I will try that tonight.  that makes total sense now.  Been working in the software world too long and forgetting the basics.

    Trying to help a 21 unit condo complex replace their old dated temp monitoring system.  Was going to set them up with Wifi and use wireless sensors, but found the Konnected kit and decided to try to use their existing wires... 

    THanks Again!


  • BMP280 sensor supported? Thank you

    (8.09 KB)
  • @Laszlo, I don't believe the native konnected supports this device. This is a temperature and pressure sensor which use an I2C communications bus. If your familiar with adding device handlers Smarthings you might check out the ST_Anything package which has support for the BMP280 sensor.
  • Thank you.

    One more question...

    Is it possible to adjust the measured temperature value? 

    Thank you

  • @Laszlo, 

    Since your posting this on the Konnected support sight then I'm assuming your using the Konnected device drivers supported in the Konnected app. If this is the case then the current version of the Konnected drivers do NOT support applying a temperature offset value to the measured temperature provided by the temperature sensor.

    If interested in other methods to read and adjust the temperature you may want to investigate the SmartThings community website. 



  • @Laszlo, 

    Just out of curiosity I found the the Konnected Device Handler Groovy source code on Github.

    And it appears there is a device handler for the BMP280 temperature sensor you asked about before.

    Also the repository also has the DHT temperature sensor source code which would be a good place to start if you wanted to modify the handler to include a temperature sensor offset feature.

  • @Laszlo,

    Were you able to figure out how to adjust the temperature?


  • Yes. I made a template sensor based on the real sensor data:


    - platform: template



            friendly_name: "adjusted temp"

            unit_of_measurement: '°C'

            value_template: "{{ states('sensor.original_temp_temperature')|float - 2.5 }}"

  • ok, so you have a variance of =?- 2.5 degrees C?  Kinda new to all this.  So using this, for example, you can set your temp to lets say 20 degrees and it will not go outside 17.5 to 22.5?  I using this as a setup for my garage heater.

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