Add-on board dropping off of wireless

I have a 12 zone setup.  With the primary board attached, I have 4 zones setup as I just started wiring things.  I decided, just get add-on in place to start adding some zones to the second board.  In my Netgear view I see:

After a few minutes the 0342 node drops off of the network.   If I pull the power to the add-on board which is using this wireless module, it shows up again for a few minutes but drops out again after few minutes.    I think the wireless module is probably the culprit.  

Any thoughts before I open a ticket on things to try?

  • I lost the pic that showed both showing.  I did power off the the add-on and reseated the wireless board.   Once plugging back in it is there for maybe 5 minutes.  If I continually reload the Netgear connections view, it is there and then eventually is not there,  

  • Did you ever get this resolved?  I am having the same issue but wih the main board and not the addon.  The main board drops off the network and it is right next to the addon.

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