Now Konnected - Alarm, Garage Openers, and Sprinkler System!

I just finished setting up my system! Overall, I’m very happy with the everything, thanks Nate!

I have 3 Konnected boards for all the sensors,siren,piezo buzzers, tablet/keypad and 2 DYI boards to control the  2 garage door openers and the 5 zone sprinkler system.  I over bought on the panels, but it's always better to have too many zones than too few. It also makes it easier to add on later. I also purchased several 5V relay modules in different configurations. I needed 2 relays for the garage openers, and 5 relays for the sprinkler system.

I'm replacing an ADEMCO/ADT alarm panel, a Rain Bird sprinkler system and tying into 2 Genie Garage Door openers circa 2003.

I already had a UPS powering my modem and router, so I used it to power the Konnected system also. 

The alarm panel replacement went fairly smoothly, the original panel schematic was on the panel door, so I had a good reference point to start with. I purchased a label maker and labeled all of the wires that I could identify before I started disconnecting. The original system had 6 zones and I wanted to split out the front/garage entry/garage side doors, the rear window/sliding door. The front/garage doors had separate lines and were joined at the panel. The rear window/sliding door and garage entry/side door were spliced in together and I had to find where the splices were. Fortunately the splices were done in basement (it's unfinished and I have easy access to most of it) and I was able to run new lines for them. I setup the siren and most sensors on the main panel and the motion detector, piezo buzzer, tablet power and remaining sensors on the add-on panel (the second add-on panel is in the garage - see below). (Alarm Panel 1 pic is mid setup, 2 is final configuration)

I used the original keypad wiring for the piezo buzzer and 12VDC for the converter. The original wire just came through a hole in the wall, so I installed a metal junction box to hold the converter and wiring (Tablet Box pic). I had ordered the tablet wall mount with the kickstarter order, but I didn't realize I had purchased a Fire 8 tablet instead of a 7, so I had to order another mount. I set up the tablet through Action Tiles.

The garage panel box is by Orbit, I picked mine up from Home Depot in the irrigation section. It runs a little over $30 and is also on Amazon.  I liked that it has 2 layers, so it doubles the usable surface inside.

For the sensors, I used my third Konnected board and I used a DIY board for the controllers. I initially wired in the sensors on the chain guide, but is was a little inconsistent, so I moved them to frame and door (pic below). There was just a little too much slop where they attached to the guide so they sometimes didn’t read correctly. 

The garage door opener is pretty simple, it’s just a momentary contact to activate. I initially followed the help guide listed on this site, but I couldn’t get the virtual opener to work and realized that I really didn’t need the buzzer/light (I don’t have them for the my remotes in the cars…). So I went the simple route, I followed the guide to setup the relay and ST as a Momentary Switch and to set the trigger to Low Level. It hooks into the opener unit (pic below), the relay NO wire to the opener Button terminal and the relay COM wire to opener common terminal (COM). I still have the original hardwired buttons attached, so the wires out of the relay need to be on the NO and COM terminals for them to work.

The sprinkler system is also pretty simple, but it took me a little while to figure out how to do it. I made 5 pigtails and used a wire nut to attach to the HOT wire from the 24VAC transformer and the relay COM terminals. I attached the Zone wires to the relay NO terminals. It really doesn’t matter which wire goes to COM/NO, but I recommend staying consistent. I attached the GND transformer wire to the sprinkler system COM wire. The quad relay module wasn’t working properly initially. Then I realized I needed to change the trigger to Low Level. (ST > Things > Sprinkler Zone (or whatever you name it) > Options (Gear icon, top right corner), then toggle it) The single relay module I used is a High/Low level module, so I was able to leave it as a High Level trigger. 

It did take me a while to get everything set up, but it was worth it! 

  • Thank you! I went for it. I was able to get it working with an add-on board with no issues. I never would've had the confidence if you hadn't posted your pics and details. Thanks again! I have generic automations set to trigger on a schedule. I'm looking to integrate it with local weather so it'll skip days it rains it when we've had enough rain recently. That'll take me some time to figure out how to adapt the groovy out there for other systems. I saw some for arduino boards that I have my eye on.
  • Great to hear, glad you were able to get it working!

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