Fitting Konnected alongside existing alarm system?

I love the idea of Konnected, but I'm not sure I'm fully on board with replacing my existing alarm system. Backing off control of my alarm to my sometimes flakey instance of Home Assistant and losing stuff like the tamper alarms in the existing system are some trade offs too far for me I think.

However I was wondering if it was possible to install Konnected along side the existing system? Is there a wiring layout that would allow Konnected to function in tandem with the existing system? Ideally to give connected full access to all of the zones and the ability to trigger the alarm? Even better if it's possible to fully integrate the two and let Konnected arm / disarm the existing alarm (although from what I've seen so far that doesn't look possible?).


  • Anything new yet?

  •  Is this new system ready for pre-order yet?

  • I would love to have this as well. I am not ready for a full conversion but working alongside would be ideal.  

  • I like the idea of being able to use the old wired keypads. ( maybe even just jumped off the old system, so both could work) I just don't like the idea of the entire system running off the internet. If I loose power ( meaning the entire neighborhood, as I am on a generator) The ATT main station looses power and I know from experience there's no internet anywhere. So my alarm would not be able to communicate with the wireless tablets and no way to disarm this, also my Grandkids and older adults that have trouble with the computer, would be unable to use this new technology.

  •  Last I heard from Nate orders go live in December.

  • Waiting for at least a tease of what's with the module. I already have the EyezOn added module connected to my Honeywell panel but it is ethernet only. 

  • also looking forward to being able to integrate into my existing alarm system! fingers crossed for release soon!!

  • I would just love it if I could leave my existing alarm panels in place and just use a system to be able to monitor the state of those sensors from my phone.  Do I need to wait for the new system or can the existing system be used for this?

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