Fitting Konnected alongside existing alarm system?

I love the idea of Konnected, but I'm not sure I'm fully on board with replacing my existing alarm system. Backing off control of my alarm to my sometimes flakey instance of Home Assistant and losing stuff like the tamper alarms in the existing system are some trade offs too far for me I think.

However I was wondering if it was possible to install Konnected along side the existing system? Is there a wiring layout that would allow Konnected to function in tandem with the existing system? Ideally to give connected full access to all of the zones and the ability to trigger the alarm? Even better if it's possible to fully integrate the two and let Konnected arm / disarm the existing alarm (although from what I've seen so far that doesn't look possible?).


  • There are a few people that have reverse engineered a few things but nothing official. However, we are in beta on a product that will piggyback on your system and keep in place the keypads and monitoring. So far betas look really good. And we hope to have it to available by this fall.

  • I'd be super interested in this any public information on the beta?

  • Same here, I have a fairly new system that I would like to keep in place, nothing antiquated or outdated, but would like to still monitor myself remotely and have it hardwired with a cat connection.

  • I didn't find a way to do this in parallel but I did get it to work by going through konnected first and having smartthings (I'm sure you can use home assistant) tell the old alarm what is happening. Additional information is in the topic: Smartthings/Konnected feeding an existing system
  •  Any updates on this new product? I'd also like to keep my existing ADT system in place.

  • It is currently in production. We should start pre-sales in a few weeks. And it should ship in October!

  •  Sweet! Any details on it? Pricing?

  • Soon. Watch for an announcement on the blog and FB.

  • That sounds great.  I was getting ready to buy the 12 zone kit but was not sure if it was the way I wanted to go.  I will wait to see what comes out.  I would rather keep my wired system as it is and use Konnected to run it if that is what's coming.  Thanks!  

  • +1 for excitement!

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