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Konnected sensors and switches multiplying


I've wired up my Konnected board to my alarm panel wiring, connected it to my Wifi and I'm running Hassbian on a Rasberry Pi 3B+ with HA 0.71.0

It all seems to work, except that over time HA ends up with duplicate entities for the sensors and switches for the Konnected board, with all of the Konnected board's configured sensors/switches duplicated the same number of times at any given time. At present there's 7 of all of them.

For example I have a sensor for a downstairs PIR called binary_sensor.downstairs, and at present there is also a binary_sensor.downstairs2, binary_sensor.downstairs3, binary_sensor.downstairs4...you get the idea.

I assume that this is something to do with HA on the Pi and the Konnected board losing each other and re-establishing connection/discovery without removing the old entities? Has anyone else experienced this?

This isn't happening to the other devices HA knows about (e.g. Chrome Casts etc).

Any help much appreciated - I've trawled around for answers to this and come up empty.


  • What i found was that as soon as the konnected device rebooted is when it started failing again.  This includes any updates to the pins on the board would cause it or a reboot of Home assistant as well.

    Frustrating I know I see no reason why it should not work. Like I said I went to the dd-wrt router I have and had not had an issue since.  

  • I believe I'm running into this issue now as well.  I've been running this on Cisco 3800's for a while now without issue.  I recently brought up a pi-hole DNS server and switched over to that DHCP server and killed off the scope on the other router.  Afterward, the primary Konnected node is just flashing but isn't coming up properly.  The secondary board is working just fine.

    The kicker here is that the primary comes up, it associates and authenticates to the wireless, and pulls an IP address.  However, it's not reachable.  I can see the MAC address and IP address in the network, but I can't ping it.  Since it's connecting to the wireless and getting an IP address, it's not broadcasting its own SSID.  

    Since it's not reachable at all, I suspected that removing it from SmartThings would have no affect, but I tried anyway.  Strangely, SmartThings throws an error each time I try to remove the primary and won't actually remove it.  Not really sure what's going on there.  

    I can try bringing the radios on the AT&T router up and broadcast the same SSID.  This might help to determine if there's an incompatibility with Cisco/Meraki APs.

  • Hi, I have the same issue connecting the konnected board to my Meraki network. Any luck of solving the issue? Thanks!
  •  I am also having the same issue, but only on the Switches: Siren, Strobe, and Buzzer.  I am getting a +1 (e.g., switch.siren_5) on the switch name after each reboot.  Seems that the recent Home Assistant update - 0.91.1 might have created the break.  This was not a problem prior.  I have Reserved IP's on both Konnected boards.

  • I am having a similar problem with one panel. I have five Konnected panels installed, two development boards and three V2 with NodeMCU. I recently switched to cloud integration. I deleted all my zones and re added the to the boards. I am still in possession of an extra NodeMCU which was used prior to cloud integration. It is not connected to Wifi no it is powered. My ST app is showing the zones which was in the extra NodeMCU. I unlinked the Konnected and linked again but these devices keep appearing as off line.

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