Konnected sensors and switches multiplying


I've wired up my Konnected board to my alarm panel wiring, connected it to my Wifi and I'm running Hassbian on a Rasberry Pi 3B+ with HA 0.71.0

It all seems to work, except that over time HA ends up with duplicate entities for the sensors and switches for the Konnected board, with all of the Konnected board's configured sensors/switches duplicated the same number of times at any given time. At present there's 7 of all of them.

For example I have a sensor for a downstairs PIR called binary_sensor.downstairs, and at present there is also a binary_sensor.downstairs2, binary_sensor.downstairs3, binary_sensor.downstairs4...you get the idea.

I assume that this is something to do with HA on the Pi and the Konnected board losing each other and re-establishing connection/discovery without removing the old entities? Has anyone else experienced this?

This isn't happening to the other devices HA knows about (e.g. Chrome Casts etc).

Any help much appreciated - I've trawled around for answers to this and come up empty.


  • Thats what I was trying to do but when I mark the konnected devices as fixed it does not connect.  I have cisco meraki as my Wireless infrastructure.  

  • I disabled igmp snooping and assigned a fixed ip and it seems to be working now..


    ill check back in a few days with any updates.  

  • This does not seem to be working.  It seems that when homeassistant updates pin configuration and sends back to konnected it wipes out the network settings configuration on the konnected board.  Any ideas?  

  • This error code "201" is indicating "NO_AP_FOUND". Is "konnected-io" the name of your wifi network?

    A list of the WiFi error codes are here: https://nodemcu.readthedocs.io/en/master/en/modules/wifi/#wifieventmonreason

    the Konnected does not store any network settings other than the WiFi SSID and password. Each time it reboots it will request an IP address from the DHCP server. The wifi settings are never wiped automatically.

  • That  makes sense but something is happening because everytime i update sensors on homeassistant it sends those 3 files to the konnected board and then does not connect to wifi.  I can reboot the connected device all day long but as soon as I update a sensor on homeassistant it does not connect to wifi.


  • I need to add that this is only when I have the konnected board assigned to a fixed ip.  If I have DHCP it connects to wifi but then I get the duplicate sensors.

  • @Dan Vitacco, i had this same issue of it getting new IP's while using Meraki, fixed IP 'contained' the issue. 

  • Thanks @Andrew Riley, For some reason when I switch to fixed IP it will not connect to the Meraki.  Did you change any other settings on meraki or on the konnected boards?  

  • @Dan Vitacco - I'm using "Konnected Interface" and still don't have it working just yet so behaviour 'could' be different; can't discover it in HASS or Python module. 

    In Meraki i have it as a 'reserved address' from DHCP, not static on Konnected interface.

  • I will try that.  I tried to just assign a fixed ip through the meraki interface and it would not connect.   I will try to assign a fixed from a reserved ip and see if that works.    I ended up just grabbing an old router and using that just for my konnected network that hangs off my meraki environment.  Ill try it this weekend.  

  • Hi @Dan - I fired up console access on my Konnected Interface and see that its actually not connecting to my Meraki Wifi. 

    When I look at the meraki event log i can see that Konnected interface is being 'deauthenticated' , if i move this over to another 'less complicated' wifi solution then it boots according to https://help.konnected.io/support/solutions/articles/32000023786-device-debugging-with-screen

    So this looks to be something specific to a Meraki environment. For the Konnected Panel at least.

    I'll keep digging.


  • yep that is what I was seeing as well.  Really weird, right? Like I said I just used an old dd-wrt router that i had off my meraki environment to connect the konnected devices to.  Have them on their own network.

    Let me know what you find.  Honestly that consumed a good 2 weeks of my life and I just gave up.

  • Hi Dan, I think i've gone around in circles but have somewhat of an answer. 

    If Meraki dishes out IP's then i get the 'circular' IP address issue and what looks like a constant reboot. 
    If I configure Meraki DHCP to 'fix' the IP then I don't get any connectivity.

    I found this post


    I'll open a Meraki TAC case and get some more info.

  • Hi Dan, some success. 

    NodeMCU build 20180917 powered by Lua 5.1.4 on SDK 2.2.1(6ab97e9)

    Heap: 39504 Initializing Konnected (XXXXXXXXXX)

    Heap: 34208 Version: 2.2.4

    Heap: 32552 Connecting to Wifi..

    Heap: 32168 WiFi not configured

    Heap: 32136 Entering Wifi setup mode

    Heap: 24152 WiFi Setup started

    > Heap: 31104 Wifi connected with IP: 10.X.X.86 10.X.X.254

    Heap: 36048 UPnP: Listening for UPnP discovery

    Heap: 35688 HTTP: Starting server at http://10.X.X.86:10558

    Heap: 35512 Loaded: server

    Heap: 27024 Endpoint: nil

    Heap: 26992 Loaded: application

    Using fixed IP set in Meraki, no reboots

    I can load the http page from Konnected and get the webserver to respond. 

    Following the suggestion from here: https://community.meraki.com/t5/Wireless-LAN/ESP8266-and-frequent-reconnects-fail-with-latest-AP-firmware-MR/td-p/12707 

    to set SSID encryption to WPA2 only 

    node.restore() , configure to my wifi and bingo! 

    Will attempt to configure in HASS shortly. 

  • now is not working :( back to the drawing board.

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