Will the Konnected Security System Only work on the Samsung SmartThings or is it compatible with the Wink Hub 2? Wink makes a 7” touch screen pad which is Not compatible with the SmartThings hub.
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  • Hi,
    I am a Wink user (1, not 2) and am very interested in konnected but do not want to dismantle my set-up just to make konnected work. Is there any update on this topic? Compatibility with wink would seal the deal for me.

    Great product!


  • I've heard nothing from Wink other than what I've already posted. This is in Wink's hand. As I posted earlier, contact Wink with a feature request. Flood them with requests Demand should drive action. I myself have taken the leap to Smart things. At least part way. For right now, I'm planning on keeping all of my home automation stuff on Wink and will be putting konnected on Smart things. That way the alarm is isolated from the rest of my IOT stuff (especially things that are weak WRT security). I picked up a Gen 3 Smartthings Hub for about $62 from Amazon. They run side by side just fine without interfering with each other. Just waiting for my konnected hardware to show up now.
  • I like wink alot but look at there website no stock on hubs and seems almost as if company is going out of business? Just my thoughts I got mine running on hass.io seems to work well msg me if you need help setting it up.
  • Shawn, looking back on you first post in this thread, you did the same thing I'm just about to do, except with hass.io. Did you install that on a Raspberry Pi unit? If so, wow, that's way more daring than I would have tried. Hardware wise and wiring layout I've got it worked out. Setup of the konnected boards and Samrtthings seems to be straight forward. Setting up Actiontiles, a kiosk browser, motion detection and keeping a tablet from going to sleep is intimidating me. But that is stage 2 for me right now. Did you go that far yet?
  • I ended up installing it on a Linux virtual box server I have running they have a vmdk docker image that makes it really easy. I wanted it to be reliable and future proof. Not interested in doing this over and over. It works great only issue I have is finding a custom UI for the dashboard. Lovelace UI isn't what I'm wanting. But wink talks to alot of things and hass.io talks to everything else. I have sense power monitor and the interface once imported for it gave me alot of info.
  • Interesting! Found the instructions to install hass.io on a Linux server or virtual machine and took a quick look at the Lovelace UI. Honestly I don't know a lot about hass.io, Is your set up just interfacing with the Konnected panel or are you using as a full replacement for you Wink?
  • Not a full replacement but wink is acting like a bridge Hass can control all of winks devices nest lutron lights etc
  • As a wink user that has installed wink on two homes. I and have a legacy alarm system that I have turned off because it requires it’s not configable. However, I am not interested in adding additional security risk of a second hub. Any plans to support wink 2 hub?
  • I'd buy the Konnected system in a minute if it worked with my Wink 2 hob.

  • Without Wink 2 support I'm staying on the fence. Connected looks like the solutions I've been searching for but not without Wink.
  • I had a SmartThings hub, and it’s relatively simple set-up but leaves A LOT to be desired. And I have a sneaky suspicion that Samsung won’t play nice with konnected given enough time. I then tried Home Assistant, but for all it’s promise, it is not easy at all and you basically need to learn Linux and yaml coding. No thank you, the vast majority require something much simpler. Wink 2 is best of all intelligent hub worlds... except for some weird reason Konnected has decided that they are not interested in pursuing it. Personally, I’m beginning to lose patience with my alarm solution and am beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t just spend a 1000 dollars and get it done. Nate, I would sing konnected’s praises, but if there’s no easy software/app integration? Cmon, Wink 2 hub is the best out there as far as non-proprietary and supported third party devices. I submit you won’t be able to sell many more devices and this experiment will be over unless you find a software company willing to really help konnected... and that you yourself are committed to. Wink may be your best bet to accomplish that. Just sayin.
  • Ryan, well said. I have two houses I want to put Konnected in. Waiting....
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