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Will the Konnected Security System Only work on the Samsung SmartThings or is it compatible with the Wink Hub 2? Wink makes a 7” touch screen pad which is Not compatible with the SmartThings hub.
  • I would like to second the request for Wink Hub 2. Elsewhere I read that Wink is on your "short list" for future Konnected HA hub support. Any progress?

  • I will also like wink support .
  • It's been 4 months since the original post and the has been no response. In the meantime konnected now works with Home Assistant, OpenHAB and Hubitat. Will konnected ever be supported on Wink? I love the idea of converting my wired alarm to a smart alarm. I would buy this thing in an instant. I am not keen on switching hubs and having to redo my setup. I hope someone will respond.
  • Please, please support the Wink 2 hub!
  • I think Wink2 support should be added. Wink works great to provide on cohesive place for controlling home automation. You are missing a large opportunity without support.

  • I will buy this if and when you support the Wink Hub 2. Thanks Shawn
  • Is supporting Wink/zwave a scheduled improvement to konnected? 

  • I only found an article about the 4 hubs they do support. Nothing about the Wink being on a schedule to be supported. I'd love to submit a request, but I can't find a way to do that on their site. Can anyone else see a way? Wink has been around for a while now. I'm wondering if Wink support is even possible.
  • So I submitted a "trouble ticket" to konnected that said the following: Can't find a direct way to contact konnected so I'm trying this. Will konnected ever be compatible (work) with the Wink Hub as you have done with the other hubs? I would really like to purchase your product, but I'd hate to have to purchase a new hub if I didn't have to. Wink has been on the market for awhile now. Is there a technical reason the Wink Hub wouldn't work with your product? Or is it a resource issue? Hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, Keith
  • This is what I got back: Hi Keith, We've tried to get moving with a Wink integration, but they don't have an open platform and we're unable to integrate with Wink without partnering with them. I've tried several times to reach out to Wink, but they never reply. If you could contact Wink and let them know that we'd love to integrate with them, I'd appreciate it. Nate Clark Founder
  • People,. If you want konnected on wink send wink a the message! And hopefully we will get it.
  • I've sent my email to them already. I had my Wink 2 Hub for sometime now and have been quite happy. Awhile back I learned about the company konnected and it's konnected alarm system. They allow people with existing wired alarm systems to upgrade the to smart alarm systems. I sent an email to Wink asking if they were going to support this product and don't believe I ever received a response. Since I sent that email, konnected now supports Samsung's Smart things, Apple's Home Assistant, OpenHab, and Habitat. Wink is an obvious missing platform. There is a thread request in the konnected community form that would like this support. Does Wink know about this product? Is Wink interested or planning on supporting the konnected alarm system? I have to say that the konnected alarm system is a compelling product that would drive me to switch platform. I am hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for your time. Keith
  • This was their response.... Benjamin (Wink) Nov 15, 6:23 PM EST Hi Keith, Thanks for contacting Wink Support with this excellent suggestion. We have added Konnected alarm panel as a feature request to our developers for consideration. While we wont know of any ETA on product development, we do encourage you to check back at Blog.Wink.com for news and updates. Kind regards, - Benjamin
  • Sorry for all of the separate post, i want to make them readable. Sent your feature request to Wink! And cross your fingers.
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