I want to change the wifi connection on my Konnected board to a different wifi router.  How do I do that?

  •  Using the SmartThings app:

    Automation > SmartApps > Konnected > Select your Konnected Device > Device Status

    Go to bottom of screen and you will find the wifi connection setting. This will allow you to change where you connect to.

    Make sure to save your changes.

  • I wanted to do this because I was unable to connect my device to SmartThings, so obviously I couldn’t make the change in the app. I was able to redefine the wifi settings by turning off my wifi router. When the Konnected could not connect to the signal it was looking for, it started broadcasting the setup signal again. I connected my phone to that, navigated to, and reset the Konnected wifi settings. Plug the router back in, and it connected. For whatever reason, I was then able to get the app and the Konnected talking. Mission accomplished.
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