I've had konnected installed for about 2 weeks now and for the most part it's been fantastic but earlier tonight I had 2 false intrusions within 20 minutes. The strange thing was that it said the intrusion was in the master bedroom but the master already had open windows so it should've been disregarded by the smart home monitor app. 

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or know what my issue might be?

  • I've taken to just not setting the alarm due to this -- unless we're literally leaving the house for a period of time. Thankfully, since this became a concern someone has always been here (son living at home).

  •  I am getting false alarms on multiple zones. Has anyone solved this? It's like a sensor is trigged like 8 times less than a second. It's to the point where I don't trust the system. I read through the forum but don't see anything current to address this.

    I am using the interface boards.

  • I had these same problems a few years ago, after installing my Konnected board and integrating the Konnected system with my home automation system. I discovered that on my downstairs window zone, one pair of windows would signal close then open, in quick succession, when one of those windows were open. This would trigger that zone on Konnected to close/open within milliseconds of each other, which would trigger the same on my home automation.

    After some research, I suspect the sensor wires for those windows probably ran too closely to line, or even high, voltage wires within the home structure, which placed noise on those sensor wires, which randomly Konnected interpreted as the wire pair going close/open. I contacted Konnected about this and advised they provide a way to "dial-in" the sensitivity on the Konnected board or in their firmware. I thought I saw a future software release even announcing some feature like that, but never saw it show up in the software.

    I only use the Konnected board and software to integrate with my home automation. I don't use any other Konnected features. So I ended up working around this problem with my home automation system. In my home automation, I implement the internal downstairs window zone, which is a direct link to the Konnected zone. I also implement an external downstairs window zone, which is used for all automations, announcements, alarms, etc. I then use a rule to watch for changes on the internal zone, and only if no other changes appear within 2 seconds, I set the external zone. If multiple changes happen within that 2 second time slot, I only process the last one. This causes my home automation to throw out the close event, since another open event happens within milliseconds.

    Good luck with your solutions.

  • Thanks Troy. I do wonder if the sensors are close to the line voltage. Although the system worked fine as a standard Honeywell system for many years without issue. Only now because I integrated Konnected am I seeing issues. I am only using the Konnected Interface board with the SmartThings. (Which isn't so smart!) 

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