I've had konnected installed for about 2 weeks now and for the most part it's been fantastic but earlier tonight I had 2 false intrusions within 20 minutes. The strange thing was that it said the intrusion was in the master bedroom but the master already had open windows so it should've been disregarded by the smart home monitor app. 

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or know what my issue might be?

  • So I am having the issue as well. I just got everything set up and armed my system for the first time. It was tripping about every 3-5 minutes. However it was JUST in smarthings. It's not actually open and setting my actual home alarm off but since the SHM is armed it's sending me a billion alerts when I'm away, making it kinda worthless. I don't think it's sensor issues because those set off the actual alarm, it's something in the app? Any ideas?
  • So I have had Konnected for 1.5 years with no issues using four NodeMCU modules. I have had them setup through the classic app with a SmartThings hub until Samsung recently discontinued the classic app. I have switched them to the konnected cloud and am using the new smartthings app with smart home Monitor. Last night I had my first false intrusion alarm. So I got home from a buddies house at around 10:45 pm. I went upstairs to bed at 10:55 pm and armed my system stay. At 11:21 pm my piezo went off and it indicated a garage entry door intrusion. I grabbed my handy 9mm and went downstairs. The garage entry door was still locked and I didn’t find anyone. I went back upstairs and laid back down. As I was looking at the sensor list it was showing active motion in my family room. So I went back downstairs and double checked everything and again found nobody. So looking at the history of the garage entry door it never showed when I came through at 10:45. The motion also never showed when I walked through at 10:45. It seems as though those signals reported with a delay and that’s why the alarm activated at 11:21 pm. Anybody have any ideas how to fix that? It’s not good for the ol ticker when this happens.
  • I think that it might be a tuning thing. I dialed mine back a lil bit and had my daughter still open and shut it. However, I just did this last night so i havent really had a chance to test it 

  • I received an email that this issue was resolved.  How was it resolved?  They asked me to send a pic o my unit.  I wish they would just look up my name to see what I bought.  The system is still connected but I do not use it because of false alarms.

  • I dialed back the lil screw things on the board a bit more and it works flawless now
  • They are called potentiometer's .  I do not have the board in front of me but I do not think it has one.

  • Yes, well on the interface boards at least. It's next to the orange lights where the alarm panel jumpers go. I dialed those back a lil and it works perfectly now
  • I've had my board since April 2019 and I get the false alarms on Zone 2.  I've been getting them since I had the board.  They did clear up over the summer but they are back now.  I have the alarm panel ESP8266 and the latest firmware  app v2.3.5/fw v2.3.0.

    All other zones work fine.  It didn't happen all summer and I thought it was licked via firmware updates.

  • I was asked to send a pic of my device.  Here it is.  It does not have potentiometers 


  • I moved the circuit to a Raspberry PI GPIO hat and I have the same problem so I can eliminate the Konnected board as the issue.  There are two switches in zone 2 so I will split them up on the PI hat and wait it out to see what switch is bad.


  • That's good news. Neat looking unit. I suspect in my case I have an overly .... sensitive sensor that could use replacing, but that the old Honeywell system was able to overcome the tolerance issues. 

  • We're considering adding a trigger time feature that would allow you to configure certain zones to trip if they were open for more than a specified amount of time. This may help with these very brief false triggers. Do you think this would resolve the problem?

  • I troubleshot this morning and found the carport door was staying open when I closed it in home assistant (Hass).  I have been doing opens/closes all year and finally this happened.  Next, I pulled the switch out to examine it, then I pushed it back in but left it high and closed the door.  Hass marked it as closed.  I fully recessed it and found it open when performing the test again.  Again!  Not the fault of Konnected!

    Lastly, I put a plastic shim between it which keeps it raised and the door is marked as closed.

    I have no experience with servicing these switches.  I found them on Amazon and you can get a pack of 5 or more for around $10.  Does anyone know if it is best to replace this or design a permanent shim?  I wouldn't want to order and replace and it turns out it just needs to be closer to the magnet field.


  • Nate, thanks for looking into this directly. In my case I never had a false alarm with the Honeywell/Ademco setup ever. Upon moving to Konnected it happened in multiple zones, multiple times. It got to the point where we stopped relying on the system (not good) and then Covid happened so we're essentially always home so this become less of a priority for now. 

    My view is simple. The false alarms are happening in a way that it's clear that the sensor is "tripping" for literally a moment. If ANY option existed that essentially would allow for setting a sensitivity before triggering, I think that would do it. For example, If a window sensor only goes off for half a second, that's clearly not a break-in. Something else is happening. It'd be great if that could be logged somewhere, but not set off the alarm. If the window sensor triggers and runs for a full second, that may indeed be an issue. Same for a door sensor.

  • Hi guys... I recently installed the Konnected Alarm Pro system and am having this same problem. See the list of events below:


    All these occurred with no windows actually operated. It only occurs with one pair of windows open, in which both sensors are wired in a series to one pair of wires in the zone. Any other windows open in that zone does not trigger this. My electronics engineer friend thinks that when one of those windows is open, that sensor circuit is open and the wire pair essentially become an antenna for any electrical noise induced from any AC wires that it may run near. These would expectedly happen at random and quickly. It would also vary greatly from one installation to another and from one zone to another, depending on how the system wires were routed throughout your home.

    My previous system was a PowerSeries PC1616. I noticed in its installation manual that it had an option to enable "Fast Loop Response", which would trigger zone changes within 36 ms. Otherwise, its default is 400 ms. I do see that most of my paired close/open events are under 400 ms. So I suspect I was not seeing these false alarms with the old system due to the default event coalesce timing of 400 ms.

    @Nate - Your comment above to add a trigger timing feature for each zone would greatly help with this and mirror the solution other vendors are using.

    Until Konnected can fix this, I will create a virtual contact sensor device for that zone in Hubitat and use a rule in Hubitat to collapse the quick events from the real device into a single update on the virtual device.

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