I've had konnected installed for about 2 weeks now and for the most part it's been fantastic but earlier tonight I had 2 false intrusions within 20 minutes. The strange thing was that it said the intrusion was in the master bedroom but the master already had open windows so it should've been disregarded by the smart home monitor app. 

Has anyone had similar experiences? Or know what my issue might be?

  • False alarms are not expected and only a very, very small number of users have reported problems like this. We assume that false alarms are caused by problems related to aging sensors or wiring. Use a multimeter to measure the resistance on the sensor loops -- it should be near 0. If you measure more than a few ohms of resistance on the line, that may indicate a failing sensor or wire.

    FYI -- debouncing would not help this problem. Konnected software already limits one state change per 200ms. Debouncing means to collapse multiple back-to-back state changes into one. It would not help in this case because the first open/close would still be reported.

  • I think I found the answer to my wired false alarms that has so far corrected the issue.   

    I had tuned the potentiometers just to the point where the lights came on on the Konnected board with the doors closed.  I think very small variations in resistance was breaking the circuit and causing the false alarms.   

    To correct the issue, I opened all my door contacts and further adjusted the potentiometers away from the "tipping point", but verified that open/close status still reliably registered.  So far so good!

    Not at all a Konnected, software, or even hardware problem, but certainly an installation tidbit worth knowing.


  •  I'm having this issue with one of my zones with 5 windows. Leaving the window open, any, will make connected send false alarms. So having any window open on that zone will make the system trigger a close and back open within one second. No set interval either. As long as any window in that zone is open this will happen. Now I need to go and try other window zones to see if it is the same. I had the system up and running for more than a month now and no previous issues. I don't get David's resolution, where are those potentiometers?

  • See picture
  • I don't get that solution either. There are no such items in my setup. I'm now replacing sensors all over and the setup frankly puts me on edge which is not what I hoped for when making this change. I'm seriously considering dumping Smart Home Monitor and using webcore to code my own entire security solution because, at least there I can set a delay to eliminate false alarms. I'm totally shocked that Nate can't come up with a simple solution.  It should be pretty easy to simply ignore any trigger that lasts and inhuman amount of time. No one, for example, can open, enter and close a window or door in under a second. Thus, all such triggers are false and should be treated as such. 

  • I believe that David Parsons is referring to the potentiometers on the Alarm Panel INTERFACE board (our newest product that works in parallel with an existing alarm panel). This doesn't apply to the Konnected Alarm Panel conversion kit product.

    Guillermo -- are your windows on that zone wired in series? You should only have ONE wire in each zone.

    Rich -- the Konnected device isn't "smart" enough to time an open/close. Each state change event is independent of any other and is simply relayed to the home automation controller (SmartThings in your case). So there's no capability on the device at this time to measure the time that a door was open and then closed -- or even know if it was a door for that matter.

  • Hi Nate, thanks for the quick reply. That zone also had the backyard door. When installing Konnected I separated the door from the rest and left all windows in series as it was originally. The strange thing is that I opened the window at around noon and the false triggers did not start until after 3:30pm.
  • The false triggers only happen when a sensor is open in that zone.
  • Sorry to hear that Nate. Hopefully if there's a 2.0 version of the device it might offer something in this area. While on that, I'd love it if we could access it via a web interface to get feedback, data, etc., and to do updates more easily.

  •  No other possible troubleshooting tips for my issue? I open an of the windows on that one zone, all seems fine and I get the Open window initial message. Then randomly I get close, open triggers. That keeps happening until I close the window. Any other suggestion would be greatly appreciated. And yes, it is only one wire for that zone, all windows set in series. Thanks

  •  I'm still struggling with this issue in one zone only, with only 3 out of 5 windows, I already made sure they are in series and all connections are properly made. Any other suggestion? The five windows are split into 2 wire pairs  coming into the board which I connected in series. 1 pair for the 3 windows with the issue, and the other with only 2 windows with no problem. I hope this makes sense. Before Konnected this one zone also had a door, which I separated into its own zone.

  •  Just checking back into this thread as I recently had the same issue occur. Left the window open last night and history shows that this morning, the contact was briefly registered as closed and then open again. Set off the alarm around 5AM.

  •  @Benjamin Yang. I had to replace the Konnected module, but before I did that I tryied moving things around to make sure it was that particular connection on the Konnected board. It was a failure in the Konnected board, but when calling them they sent me a replacement right away.

  •  Thanks Guillermo, I didn't think about it being an issue with the board itself since I had some of these problems right out of the box.

    I will try and update the software first and determine which zones, if any, can replicate this problem reliability. Will update this when I can in case anyone else is having similar issues.

  • I am still having the issue.

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