Ok so I am working on integrating the Konnected Panel into OPENHAB.   So far i have a very bare bones binding developed that can discover a Konnected Module via SSDP and add it as a thing into OPENHAB.

Link to github binding.   But at this point that is all it can do is see the Konnected module and grab the various settings (IP and port) that are needed to communicate.  I am now at the next more difficult step of actually enabling the two way communication between the two.

I see in the python client where settings can be synced to the Konnected Module to send put commands on status updates.  While i could develop a separate websocket client as part of the openhab binding for the Konnected module to talk to, OPENHAB already has a well developed RESTful API that can be used for outside services to communicate updates to items and things.  My thought is that there could be a way where the Konnected module could be "synced" with the appropriate settings from the OPENHAB binding to communicate back with the relevant items and things via the OPENHABAPI. That way another websocket server doesn't have to be deployed.  I am happy to fork the firmware and develop the appropriate code, but any help would be appreciated on where to start. :-)

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