I connected my Piezo Buzzer to my Alarm Panel Add-on board as shown on the "Wiring a Piezo Buzzer for Door Chime" installation instructions.  At first, I believe I was hearing a sound when I opened my door.  To test the range of the sound, I started walking around the house and pressing the beep button on the SmartApps panel to trigger the sound.  It was working like that for a while but then there was no sound when I opened any door.  At first I had it wired to the OUT and GND pins on the board.  Then I moved it to the OUT and GND on the terminal block and then onto terminal 4 and GND.  Nothing was helping.  Now, I can't even get the beep sound when I put it back on the OUT and GND pins on the board.

I'm still getting signals when I open or close any of the circuits but the buzzer is not working at all.  I did enable the Low Level Trigger via the SmartApps and verified the buzzer is still functioning.

Not sure what else I can share in this message but any help would be much appreciated.

  • I have the buzzer working successfully.  Attaching screenshots from my SmartThings app to help anyone that has been unsuccessful.

    I have 2 boards, and the buzzer is connected to my add-on board using the female-female cable connected to the instructed pins.

    1. You will need to configure the buzzer using the "Alarm/out" on the board setup screen.  I set this as a "Momentary Switch"

    2. Add a new routine

    3. configure the routine to "turn on" the piezo when "something opens". I set this to beep on my less frequently used doors/windows so that it is not constantly beeping with the heavy traffic entry points.

    4. On the "Things" listing screen, find your piezo and click the name (don't turn it on), and you will get the screen to configure the pulse/pause.

    Hope this helps

    (195 KB)
    (225 KB)
    (210 KB)
    (219 KB)
  • I'm having the same issue. I've connected the piezo to the 6 zone alarm panel to zone 3, have it set in routine to beep 3 times when front door is triggered and still get nothing. 

    I'm starting to think that the add - on board would have been the better option. Or have that as the standard board. In his video 5:45 sec he clearly has it demonstrated but never really shows how he programmed it to work. 

    anyone else have the same issue on the regular alarm board? 

  • Followed Benjamins example however the only option I get is to set the delay.

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