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I have a security system that came with the new home we bought. As it was the model home, I don’t have a contact with the alarm company that installed the system. So I am free to either leave it off or upgrade it to Konnected. Looking over the system I have the following areas which should all have their own zone: 1. Front Door 2. Back Door 3. Garage Door 4. Upstairs Alarm 5. Motion Detection 6. Buzzer (Beeps when the door opens)? Is the buzzer it’s own zone, and is it integrated in the existing keypad on the wall by the garage? If I remove that keypad (should be four wires from what I have read), can I install a buzzer and charge point for the wall tablet running action tiles? Also, what is my zone count? Trying to determine which board to buy. Thanks! Sean
  • I too have the same question, and maybe someone can help, I've attached a picture of my current panel, I can see labeled up to Zone 12, but not all wires are labeled.  Is the best way to track this at the alarm panel by tripping each area (opening doors, etc.?)  Any thoughts appreciated, I want to order ASAP, just don't know what configuration.



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