Hi - I really like what I have read and I will more than likely go ahead and purchase. However, my home is in the Apple ecosystem and everything is pointed at homekit. I realize I could use Homebridge as a work around, but is there any chance there will be an update to allow for use with Homekit in the near future? Sean
  • I have had HOOBS running for a while.  The Konnected sensors  (also DSC) are working properly in SmartThings however they are NOT showing up in HOOBS/Homekit.  Using the Homebridge v2 SmartApp.  Any help/advice appreciated.

  • Do you have a physical SmartThings hub? I struggled for over a month to get it to work thinking everything would be done on the cloud and after I bought physical hub it all worked the second I connected it.
  • Yes, have ethernet connected SmartThings hub.  For some reason when I tried SmartThings app on another device the zones showed up to be chosen and synched to homebridge and are now showing in Homekit.   I'm trying to add more zones today to see if this keeps working.

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