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Hi - I really like what I have read and I will more than likely go ahead and purchase. However, my home is in the Apple ecosystem and everything is pointed at homekit. I realize I could use Homebridge as a work around, but is there any chance there will be an update to allow for use with Homekit in the near future? Sean
  • I have had HOOBS running for a while.  The Konnected sensors  (also DSC) are working properly in SmartThings however they are NOT showing up in HOOBS/Homekit.  Using the Homebridge v2 SmartApp.  Any help/advice appreciated.

  • Do you have a physical SmartThings hub? I struggled for over a month to get it to work thinking everything would be done on the cloud and after I bought physical hub it all worked the second I connected it.
  • Yes, have ethernet connected SmartThings hub.  For some reason when I tried SmartThings app on another device the zones showed up to be chosen and synched to homebridge and are now showing in Homekit.   I'm trying to add more zones today to see if this keeps working.

  • Add another that will buy as soon as HomeKit gets integrated.

  • it's been over 2 years that I've waited for Homekit. I gave up waiting and made the move to Abode. I'm extremely happy.

  • We now have beta support for HomeKit integration via Homebridge. Details here: https://help.konnected.io/support/discussions/topics/32000002324

    We do not have plans for direct or "native" HomeKit support. Apple makes this effectively impossible due to their rules and hardware requirements. 

  • Perhaps you should see what it'd cost, and try a kickstarter for it? I read "effectively impossible" as it's expensive, or more trouble than it's worth for the company. What if there was a $100 premium, or a $5 per month subscription to make HomeKit work?

  • Hey Nate,

    Thanks for addressing the dominant topic about why you haven't adopted HomeKit integration yet. Not knowing what level of patent protection you have on smarting up wired systems, I and others who've commented here still believe konnected is missing the financials behind supporting HomeKit. Do you have market research from a credible source backing up your hesitance? Whether via Thread or via HomeKit, once you put that orange house on your stuff, your sales are going to explode. It's only a matter of time before someone (konnected or elsewhere) gets the orange house next to "works with your wired sensors" sees a river of revenue.

  • Just dropping back in here. I now have my old DSC system integrated via SmartThings to HOOBS to HomeKit. It is all working with one small exception - I can’t figure out a way to remotely arm the system in Away mode. The DSC arming process requires you to exit a door to set away mode however we have DSC fobs that can arm as Away without a door exit. There must be a process via Konnected to do this too, just have not discovered it. A fully integrated HomeKit set up eliminating some of these intermediate steps would definitely be my preference.
  • I would argue that the opportunity is more than just the incremental revenues from HomeKit customers, rather it's the perception of your solution as being THE solution, with a certain ubiquity.  Serving only the Google/Amazon side of the equation makes konnected look more like an accessory play instead of being a category leader.  I occupy sort of the middle of this technology spectrum.  I have smart switches (Leviton because they support HomeKit), Sonos (because it works) and accessories like my water heater (because the utility is indispensable) all on wifi.  But I don't want to delve to the level of programming an Arduino or sift through support communities just to link konnected to HomeKit.  It's not worth my time.  So I and every other HomeKit user in my part of the technology spectrum views konnected as a hobbiest's solution that will never be mainstream.  I'm also an early adopter.  Many of my friends look to me to advise as to what works and what isn't worth the effort.  I'd love to move konnected into the "you should do this" category.

  • Well said Walter — I’m in the situation as you. I have an entire house of Leviton Smart switches, various outlets, WiFi, Apple TV’s, TVs, and various devices all managed through HomeKit. I plan on staying with apple due to poor privacy with the other devices — and now I would like to bring my wired security system into the mix. Native HomeKit support should be added.
  • Just picking up on this discussion and some of the reasoning behind why Konnected is likely not having native HomeKit support any time in the foreseeable future.

    The main challenges with native HomeKit integration doesn't REALLY have to do with the cost or licensing in the grand scheme of things. Konnected could change its revenue strategy to accommodate that completely and be done with it, but it has to do with the fact that there are limitations inherently built into the native HomeKit pipeline that block the many benefits that come with open source bridged pipelines gained with Homebridge, Home Assistant, SmartThings, or even OpenHab.

    Konnected, at its soul, is a hobbyists/DIY'ers project with a specific goal, and lots of potential – this really can’t be ignored. The lay-person, less DIYer, and non-hobbyists that ask for native HomeKit support don’t really align with goals and benefits of what Konnected does for users in the long run.

    The reasoning could be akin to the argument one makes when choosing a restrictive, simplistic, yet pleasing Apple ecosystem versus a more feature-filled, choice-overabundant Google/Amazon ecosystem. The latter approach is definitely more appealing to the hobbyist/DIY market base. It doesn’t mean that Konnected doesn’t integrate with the simplicity of the former as well either,…

    That brings us to Homebridge - another similar-aligned project with a main focus on hobbyist/DIY'ers. It becomes unquestionably superfluous to provide native HomeKit integration for Konnected when there is a complete overlap of features that Homebridge for Konnected can bring to the table for HomeKit already. As a DIY’er and hobbyist, but someone who wants simplicity as well, I can easily make a case for Homebridge over native HomeKit.

    Homebridge is so much more than just a bridge to HomeKit. It comes accompanied with a feature-set of capability and integration that far exceed the benefits of a simple native HomeKit integration route. Things like analytics/logging, advanced logic pathways, endless custom programmability that can’t be done inside the native HomeKit automation pipeline, interoperability with other applications like NodeRED, monitoring, etc. all fit within the highly-demanded requirements from Konnected’s hobbyist/DIY core market base. Revenue growth is great, but I’ve always perceived Konnected as the world’s best way to take back as much control as possible of an alarm system and do it rather inexpensively without sacrificing all the micro-granular management of that system.

    Again, that’s a DIY’ers dream and Konnected hits their goal on the mark.

  • Sorry if Im repeating anyone, because this is too long and I didn't read the entire thing, but Homebridge (which does require a pi) has a direct, no-hub plugin for Konnected. You just need the LAN ip of your device. https://www.npmjs.com/package/homebridge-konnected

  • Abhijeet Ghosh,

    I have a couple corrections to your statement.

    1. Homebridge doesn't only require a Raspberry Pi, it can also run on the following systems/platforms:

    2. If you want access to Konnected on HomeKit via Homebridge outside of your home when you are not on your local WiFi network, you will also require a HomeKit Hub in the form of a AppleTV, AirPod, or iPad (best option first to worst option last - based on Hub reliability that I have read in other HomeKit forums).

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