So I finally received my Connected Security System and couldn't have been more exited. Everything was packaged very well and the packaging itself was amazing. Couldn't wait to get started.

I started off by taking some pics of the old system (for wiring reference if needed) then pulling out everything and getting familiar with all the components. Laid everything out on the table and snapped a pic while getting my plan together. Once I was ready, I went and removed the old legacy system from the box. My wires were already labeled and the previous installer left a sheet that explained where each wire went to. This made it very easy. I then pushed the wires I was not going to need back into the wall and continued to restrip the wires that I did need. Now it was time to get to the fun.

I started off by putting the wifi boards on and getting them connected. The quick start guide made this process very easy. I then plugged in my firs zone to test everything. Unfortunately I was getting nothing. It kept showing my Front Door as being open. A little perplexed, I was about to call it quits for the night and start up again the next evening. I then though, what if that switch is bad, so decided to try a different zone. Glad I did, as the front door was not working properly. There was something wrong with my old wired switch. Now I went ahead and completed the wiring for the other zones. Got everything setup and recognized in ST as well. Time to clean everything up some.

I purchased the magnetic stand-offs and drilled small holes in each corner of the plexiglass. Installed to stand-offs so that would stick to the metal cabinet. Then I applied the double stick tape to the boards and mounted them to the plexiglass. This worked very well and allowed me some movement of the plexiglass to get the excess wires fed into the wall for a clean look.

Next I removed the old legacy key pad. Ran up to Lowes and purchased a shallow 1 gang outlet box. I figured this would be perfect for the 12v to 5v converter. Had to cut the drywall to the size of the outlet box, but that was pretty easy. I then connected the wires to the converter and then on the other side to the Connected board. Finally I mounted the frame that I purchased from Jason Thomas (great frame for those needing one). Installed Fully Kiosk and DakBoard on my tablet and slid it in. Worked perfect but looked even better!!

All in all I could not be happier. I did need to reference back to the pics that I took of my legacy system, but that was due to the fact that the wiring in my house was a little different than most. I also posted some questions here and there on the Connected FB page and Andy was very helpful. I will post some pictures of my process for others to see and enjoy. If there are any questions, I would be happy to help answer them where I can.

In closing, I would like to thanks Nate once again for the amazing customer service and the amazing product that he had developed for us. You are truly an amazing guy!!! THANKS!!!

  • Nice work!

  • @Greg

    Terrific work and great looking installation. 

  • Looks great!

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