Hi all, I’ve just received my Konnected panel and have been reading up on all the setup documentation before I begin diving into the installation. I read the notes on connecting to Smart Things or Home Assistant. It wasn’t clear to me if this a mandatory pre-requisite for Konnected or whether I can just run the system without a Hub?
  • Konnected is a bridge from your legacy sensors to a SmartHome hub. You will need either SmartThings or HomeAssistant to make Konnected work. You can check out this post to get more info. 


  • Thanks Andy, I've gone through all those pages on how to get the Hub installed however I'm still a little confused as to the overall architecture.

    From what I can tell, it says I need either a Samsung SmartThings Home Hub device OR a Home Assistant Hub (which can be installed on Raspberry Pi).

    I am planning to go down the Home Assistant route since I already have a Raspberry Pi. My question now is, in order to have my alarm system resilient to power outages do I need to have a battery backup for the Home Assistant Hub? In Nate's descriptions, he's only mentioned that we supply the Konnected Alarm Panel and our Wifi Router with a battery backup but there is no mention about power backups for SmartThings/Home Assistant Hubs?

    I guess it goes back to my original question, will the system still work when there is no Smart Hub in between? I don't have any other smart devices around the house that I need to connect with a smart hub.

  • Yes you would need back up power for the home hub. Konnected won't do anything if can't communicate with a hub. It's just the appendages (or maybe the nervous system) of the security system. It can't do anything without the brain.

    In the case of HomeAssistant on a Raspberry Pi that would work great. And you can have back up power via UPS or we have some Konnected backup batteries that will work great. https://konnected.io/products/backup-battery-for-wi-fi-router-cable-dsl-modem-hub-or-raspberry-pi

  • Great, thanks Andy. I'll press on with the HomeAssistant.

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