Besides backup batteries for Konnected and your Smartthings hub, you need a backup internet solution.  Without internet you have no control of Konnected or Smartthings' ability to trigger an intrusion, arm or disarm.  In order to prevent this, I installed a Netgear 4G LTE backup modem that uses a sim card for internet service.  If your normal internet service goes out, the modem automatically and immediately switches to the LTE service. When your normal  internet service returns , the modem will switch back.  And for the best part you can get the 4G LTE service for free! So how do you get it for free?  Go to Freedom Pop website and signup for their service.  They'll send you a sim card (which works off of the AT&T network) for $1.  As a new customer you get a 30 day free trial with 2GB of data. After the 30 days you have to pay. Before you reach the 30 day deadline you lower your service level to the FREE 500MB data plan. Smartthings uses very little data so I never get close to the 500MB level even if my internet out for a couple of days.  Now you have a rock solid system.  And if that isn't good enough for you, I have the ultimate backup to the backup  ... two German shepherds at hone. CRUNCH :)

  • it does not...I use a Opnsense firewall router to do that.

  • Regarding internet disconnection. The node MCU board supports AP mode. If Konnected could release a version of the system which simply puts the node MCU into AP mode as a failover then as long as the alarm panel had one of this portable UPS devices plugged in, a home owner could connect directly to the NodeMCU (as an access point) to dis/arm the alarm in an event of a power/wifi outage. Any thoughts or feedback on this would be appreciated.
  • Saj Varghese, Your WAN fail over solution doesn't leverage the both ports of the LB2120 because you are using physically separate router NICs to connect to your primary modem and the Netgear 4G modem correct?

    Therefore, the single port LB2120 would suffice?


  • This is an old topic but Im wondering if anyone has actually got this to work using freedompop and the netgear lb2120.  I had it set up in bridge mode w/ failover but no dice. I just lose connection. My modem is att fiber and im using orbi mesh as a router.  

    Maybe I need to use router mode? I wish there was a guide on how to actually implement this so

    1. failover works

    2. Monthly scheduled failovers so freedompop activates on a monthly basis to keep the sim/free plan active

    3. Restrict failover to smart home devices/hub/konnected

    If anyone has this successfully done, and dont mind sharing, that would be awesome!

  • I'm about to go down this route, so hopefully Ahmed - you figured this out.

  • In the beginning of this thread, you said "Smartthings uses very little data so I never get close to the 500MB level even if my internet out for a couple of days."  

    Do you estimate Smartthings would exceed 500MB in used data for an entire month?  In other words, why not use the Netgear 4G LTE Modem for Smartthings only and keep everything else in you house on your default modem/router? That way there would never be the need to switch over.

    I appreciate your feedback!  Thx.

  • My setup uses about 2MB of data a day.  As you suggested I only use the Netgear LTE modem for Smartthings only with a separate router. set is : main router > LTE modem > second router > smartthings Hub 

  • The konnected board stays on your main router though right ? I assume it just needs local access for all of it to work right? I had abandoned the project and went on the trip I had bought the failover for and came back to an intact system so didn’t prioritize it again since I was no closer to solving the issue.
  • No,  the Konnected board is connected to secondary router as well as the wall panels (if you are using any). I have a UPS for the Netgear modem , secondary router and Smartthings Hub.  That way if the power and the main  internet goes out, the entire system is still functioning.

  • I was actually wondering if I could utilize the Freedom Pop free 500MB plan  and the Netgear 4G LTE modem solely for a Smartthings hub and Konnected.  Provided the free 500MB was adequate for remote monitoring?

    Satisfies the data usage that Freedom Pop apparently tracks to keep the account active while staying beneath the 500MB threshold.

    Obviously, data usage depends on many factors such as video, etc. But would Freedom Pop be sufficient for alerts from and remote activation of Konnected devices alone?

  • Ahmed and Jason,

    Any luck getting the FreedomPop SIM working with the LB2120?  I'm not able to connect to the LTE network.  I bought the SIM directly from FP so it's active (I tried activating anyway and it said it was active).  I have the LB2120 set up in Bridge mode which is working fine, but looking at the status, it says it cannot connect to the mobile network.  Any thoughts?

  • Based on reading through this thread, this is the arrangement I am planning on. From those with experience, does it look like the the right set up to provide fallback lte connection for the security devices only, but not other high bandwidth uses? Thanks!
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