Besides backup batteries for Konnected and your Smartthings hub, you need a backup internet solution.  Without internet you have no control of Konnected or Smartthings' ability to trigger an intrusion, arm or disarm.  In order to prevent this, I installed a Netgear 4G LTE backup modem that uses a sim card for internet service.  If your normal internet service goes out, the modem automatically and immediately switches to the LTE service. When your normal  internet service returns , the modem will switch back.  And for the best part you can get the 4G LTE service for free! So how do you get it for free?  Go to Freedom Pop website and signup for their service.  They'll send you a sim card (which works off of the AT&T network) for $1.  As a new customer you get a 30 day free trial with 2GB of data. After the 30 days you have to pay. Before you reach the 30 day deadline you lower your service level to the FREE 500MB data plan. Smartthings uses very little data so I never get close to the 500MB level even if my internet out for a couple of days.  Now you have a rock solid system.  And if that isn't good enough for you, I have the ultimate backup to the backup  ... two German shepherds at hone. CRUNCH :)

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