When I click on "Tap here to start discovery" it goes to the next page stating "Please wait while we discover your device".  It just keeps searching for as long as I will let it, I have let it several times for over 5 minutes.  I have verified in the devices section on the router that I see the Konnected Alarm, I am on the same network with the device while searching.  I have power cycled the Konnected Alarm. When the board powers up I get the green light, the blue light flashes a couple of times then goes out.

  • I had this same issue trying to move my stuff from smartthings to hubitat. I never could properly uninstall konnected from smartthings. I even tried to remove the entire connected app. I keeps giving me an unexpected error. I went as far as manually deleting all the devices and the app still won't delete. So, I took the smartthings offline while I tried to do the install in hubitat.


    The first module with a single device zone and no output went on really fast. The next module was a 3 hour ordeal of flashing the latest firmware/software, attaching, removing, doing this that and another thing. I finally got it on and the devices defined. Then the next three modules...AAAAARRRGGGHH. For hours I tried everything. Sometimes the discovery process would see it and sometimes not. I finally had to do what 65coupei6 did; delete the app and drivers then reinstall everything. That worked. Every module was discovered and loaded smoothly like it originally happened when I put it in Smartthings. I suspect something got corrupted.


    There were a couple of things I noticed that may help others:


    1) Some of my previous attempts included renaming the module by replacing the default name: Konnected-F9F9F9 was renamed to Konnected A. I think the renaming may have caused some issues. No proof of it; just a guess. Maybe it was the space. I don't know. But I did notice that as I jumped between pages of the renamed module, sometimes I saw the new name and sometimes the old one. During the last install, I eliminated the renaming and am living with the default names. I may try renaming one later but I doubt it.


    2) A couple of attempts resulted in the module being installed but no devices were created. I was filling in all the zones and output during the initial install. My output device was an existing virtual switch. I found all of the zone devices were created properly only when I left the output section empty during the initial assignment. I then went back and entered the output section as a separate operation.  

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