I need help in figuring out Alarm/Siren issue. I have indoor siren( labeled as Horn on legacy system) and external siren ( labelled as Siren Tripper ) . Yesterday I connected indoor siren to main module and configured in ST as siren/strobe in Alarm/Out and it was working as expected. Today, I swapped the indoor siren with outdoor siren and as soon as I powered it module on, it started blaring without me doing anything in ST. I unplugged and swapped back my indoor siren. when I power the module, even the indoor started blaring which was working fine before. I noticed that the red led is always on. Even if I remove wires from + and alarm slots, the red led is always on. Please let me know what was my mistake here and how to resolve it? Should I pull the wifi module out and put it back again?

FYI: I have 18 zone with 1 main and 2 add-on. 



  • Great news.

    Do you plan to publish or share your manual?

  • Dux:

    Sure!  I''ll add a few details (such as the potential speaker issue) to the document, and attach it here...

    Let me know if you have questions after I do so.



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