I need help in figuring out Alarm/Siren issue. I have indoor siren( labeled as Horn on legacy system) and external siren ( labelled as Siren Tripper ) . Yesterday I connected indoor siren to main module and configured in ST as siren/strobe in Alarm/Out and it was working as expected. Today, I swapped the indoor siren with outdoor siren and as soon as I powered it module on, it started blaring without me doing anything in ST. I unplugged and swapped back my indoor siren. when I power the module, even the indoor started blaring which was working fine before. I noticed that the red led is always on. Even if I remove wires from + and alarm slots, the red led is always on. Please let me know what was my mistake here and how to resolve it? Should I pull the wifi module out and put it back again?

FYI: I have 18 zone with 1 main and 2 add-on. 



  • Hi Vish,

    Thanks for the pics. I'm pretty sure there is a short in the board. Sorry about that. Not sure what happened.

    We will send you out a new board and a return label so we can inspect it.

    Before you hook the outdoor siren to it again, let's put a voltmeter on those wires to verify what is happening.

    In the meantime, you could go ahead and hook up your other sensors (probably minus anything that needs 12V like motions). When you get the new board you will just need to unplug the Wifi module, remove the board (and wiring), rewire the same way, and insert the Wifi. And you should be good to go.

    If you have questions let me know.

    Andy Wulff

    Konnected Customer Support Specialist

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