Any tips and tricks for relay modules?

Hey everyone, I finally got around to setting up my diy kit, with my main boards on the way soon, and one of the things I am most excited about is the relay modules and the other things that can be done with them. The ones on my list are my garage door opener and a sprinkler system (to be determined model/brand). First and foremost, what is everyone doing with theirs? Anything exciting? Second, I was a bit curious about how they work. I bought a multi-channel in addition to the single channel ones that came with the boards, but I cannot find much info about setup of how to use them (I suspect more documentation is incoming). Also, does each channel on the module attach to a pin, or can I use the multi-channel on a single pin? Thanks for the tips and advice.
  • After re-reading your comment, you may have actually answered my question and I just misread it...  I guess I will need to do some playing with it.

    I am hoping there is a way to power multiple zones from a single power output, but I guess that is for me to figure out.

  • The wiring I described would be from the AC transformer. It's would be independent of Konnected (Konnected is DC - DO NOT mix them). 

    Konnected would power and switch the power on and off. The current would running on the switched side of the relay. The link describes it in greater detail. 

  • OK - I'm trying here.... but need a little help.  It seems like I'm so close.

    I have a 3 zone sprinkler system - 6 wires: 3 zone wires, a common, and 2 from the 24VAC power.

    Using a 4 relay module I've connected the konnected board 5V-> VCC Relay; GND -> GND and each zone to the corresponding relay pin.

    Each zone wire goes to a different relay NO switch

    What about the AC and common?  

    pigtails from one side of the AC to each relay COM?

    other side of AC to Sprinkler System Com?

  • Setup my DIY board as a garage door opener using the instructions here:  

    Mostly worked but seemed to get stuck with the relay pulled in (powered) any time the power was removed or I updated the app in Hubitat.  If I set the device in Hubitat to Low level signal it was even worse.  Turns out the relay boards are shipped with high level set as the default.  I changed the jumper on the relay board to low and everything is working as expected now.

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