I have been so excited to receive my board ever since I first found out about Konnected on a podcast. I recently got into SmartThings a year ago and have slowly been expanding my connected home. I looked for something similar to this a while ago but never found this product until a few weeks before the Kickstarter campaign. I was one of the first 30 backers and I have my board up and running great! I have a brand new home that came prewired with a standard alarm panel that I never had registered but sometimes I would still arm when we left the house, but did not think about much. Now all my prewired sensors are in smarthings and I have the home monitor working great! 

Here are some tips and things that I messed up during my installation:

1) Make sure to connect your Konnected board to the same wifi your hub is on. I know it makes sense but during installation I connected the board to my guest wifi (as I do with most of my IoT devices for security reasons) and then got stuck because SmartThings could not find the board. This problem was solved by disabling my guest network so when the board booted up it would restart the network process when it couldn't find the network.

2) Sensors need to be wired in a series, not parallel. I am a novice when it comes to sensor installation and didn't even think that this would be an issue. I am so used to wiring everything in parallel I didn't know why my window sensors would not work. This was only an issue because I put all my homes windows in one zone to make room for the piezo buzzer, and when I connected the first and second floor window sensors together I kept wiring them parallel and wasted about 2 hours before I realized the issue.

3) If you want the piezo buzzer, it counts as a zone. This is probably my largest gripe with the Konnected board. I had pre-planned everything out as far as zones go when I made my order and was glad I only needed one board. When I received the board and was planning out my wiring I realized I was going to have to combine two zones (I chose my window sensors) to make room for the buzzer. I wish the board had a dedicated pin for the buzzer that didn't count against your zones kind of like the siren.

After I worked out those minor issues I have my board up and running smoothly! I really like the flexibility of the SmartThings Home Monitor. For example I have my "Armed Away" mode set to turn off all the lights, set the alarm system, and turn on a Wyze Cam I have connected to a zwave plug in the living room. The whole system disarms upon the arrival of my phone with a push notification to verify when I pull up to my driveway. I love that the Wyze Cam turns on only when my alarm is set because I don't like the camera recording when we are home and this is a nice compromise.

Also, I decided to power the Konnected board via my 12 Volt DC Output of my current alarm system for 2 reasons. One is that I can still utilize the build in battery backup, and two because there is no A/C plug in the box so I would have to run a wire up the wall. I simply cut the included DC adapter and stripped the wires and connected them to the output of my board. Also note that on the included DC adapter the white striped wire is negative even though typically the stripe means a positive wire.

  • @Kyle, 

    Terrific write up and thanks for sharing your experiences. Great looking installation and hope you don't mind me lifting your idea to use the 12VDC power from your current alarm board as the source for the Konnected board (sweet). Oh and thanks for the heads up on the DC adapter polarity being reversed from typical convention. Always good to test these assumptions and avoid damaging components. 


    BTW, Looks like we have the same alarm panel enclosures. Here's a picture prior to integrating the Konnect IO alarm. I plan on some extensive clean-up of the cabling when I complete my Konnected swap. Also looking forward to cancelling my alarm monitoring service ($$) and the city's annual $50 alarm licensing fees. 


  • Great installation Kyle and thanks for sharing the tips!

    Please don't cut the wire from the power adapter (it's a nice power supply!), I have pigtails if you want to do that: https://konnected.io/collections/in-stock-now/products/dc-power-pigtail

    Be aware though that most alarm panel 12V output is limited to about 1A. This is probably enough for a small installation with a small siren. Anything more than that and you're going to want more power.

  • Nate, good know! I didn't really want to cut the included adapter but my alarm box does not have the outlet built in and it would have been a lot of work to fish the wire from where they installed the alarm panel plug. I will keep that in mind for the future though and if I need to I can always do that. So far haven't had any issue powering my siren and motion detector.

  • No worries! Thanks again for the writeup and photos. I think this post is deserving of the free t-shirt promotion. I'll contact you separately to get your size.

  • I like to keep a clean house so wondering if I've removed everything that I can after a successful transition to Konnected Cloud. 

    I have this device handler:

    • konnected-io : Konnected Contact Sensor konnected-io/konnected-security (stable)

    and these Smart Apps:

    • konnected-io : Konnected (Connect) konnected-io/konnected-security (stable)
    • konnected-io : Konnected Service Manager konnected-io/konnected-security (stable)

    What can I safely remove now?



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