Anyone else have issues with their siren not sounding?  Siren tested fine with the old ADT panel, I switched everything over to my new Konnected boards and when I trigger the siren it makes one empty dud sound.   I have them each connected to the Alarm + and Alarm - screw terminals on the main panel.   

  • Scott, yes, I did. You must determine the port that the connected board is using and then put that explicitly in your configure file. The instructions seem to imply that this is optional, but it’s not.
  • Thank you Andrew, that's exactly what I needed! I guess discovery was not working as expected.

  • As this is a "Siren" related discussion, I thought I might ask this question here.  Using Smarthings with my Konnected alarm panel.  My siren works fine, too fine.  My siren goes off the second a door or window is opened.  Now I know this is more a Smartthings issue, but as  the Konnected community has been so helpful, I thought someone here might have the answer.  I know there has been a long history in the discussion boards about the Siren delay, or lack there of, but I also know that it is a continuing developing issue, so I thought maybe that the issue has been resolved.  I am using the classic App (Of course), and in the classic app I see a setting called  "Delay before Alert", shown in the picture below.  Despite setting this delay to any given amount, the siren still goes off immediately.  Am I interpreting this incorrectly?  Is this a function that does not function"  What is the deal here?  Someone please help.  Thanks. 


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