Anyone else have issues with their siren not sounding?  Siren tested fine with the old ADT panel, I switched everything over to my new Konnected boards and when I trigger the siren it makes one empty dud sound.   I have them each connected to the Alarm + and Alarm - screw terminals on the main panel.   

  • Using the YELLOW wire on the intellisense will make a single tone alarm sound

    Using the RED wire will make a siren that varies between 1.3-1.8kHz as shown on the sticker.

    Apparently you have to choose one.

  • Thanks!! I'll test it

  • My siren terminal does not get any power when the sensors are opened. It tested OK when applying 12V from the aux terminal. Nor do I get any alerts pushed to my phone unless sensors are open when arming the system.  Does this have anything to do with SmartThings?

  • Phone alerts work after rebooting SmartTings but still no siren.

  • Lars you know you have to set up rules or smart apps to make the siren sound
  • Do you have the Alarm Out zone for that board set up as a siren? It should show up as a siren in My Home. You should be able to manually activiate from there. After that works then go into SmartHome monitor's setup. Toward the end it will give you the option to Alert with Siren. That should make it work when Armed. 

  • I have my siren hooked up to the Konnected ALARM terminals. The SmartThings 'Alert with Sirens' page shows two entries: 1) 'Select Sirens - You cant currently add this',  2) 'Alert Duration (Minutes)'.

  • It sounds like you didn't assign the Alarm Out on the zone assignment screen.  

    If you don't have a Siren in My Home that is it.  
     Go to the Konnected SmartApp - Go into the board with the siren  connected to it - tap Next - At the bottom of that screen there you will  see the Alarm Out. Assign it as the Siren and Name it. Tap Save. Tap  Save again. Give the board 20-30 seconds to resync. Then go to My Home.  You should see a siren. You should be able to test it from there. And it  should be available in SmartHome Monitor for alerts.

    If it doesn't sound check that the Red LED lights when you activate the Alarm. And send us a picture of the wiring.

  • Thanks Andy. That was it. Everything now seems to work.

  •  Got everything moved over to the Konnected. Everything working including testing the siren. I  set "Away" on Smart Home Monitor in Smartthings.  I do not get a siren with intrusion. I do get the notification of intrusion, just no siren.

  •  Siren working now. User error.......

  • Is there a way to keep my existing dumb speaker connected to the old panel bu have it activated from the konnected?

  • @Derek, I don't think so. I'm pretty sure you have to use the Konnected board to trigger your siren.
  • I'm having a problem with my alarm out.  I've added it as a switch in my HA config.yaml, and the zone is labeled out.  However, when I trigger that switch nothing happens.  I've connect the little piezo buzzer temporarily for testing.  I've measured the voltage between the out and the common, and I've never seen it change.  Am I missing something obvious, or do I have a problem with my board?  I've only had it a couple of weeks.  Everything else is working well.

  • @Andrew Did you ever solve this? I'm having the exact same issue. Siren was working great for a long while and now nothing. I even bought a board (I had set it up the DIY way) and still nothing (I'm not upset about the board; those screw terminals are wonderful!).

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