Anyone else have issues with their siren not sounding?  Siren tested fine with the old ADT panel, I switched everything over to my new Konnected boards and when I trigger the siren it makes one empty dud sound.   I have them each connected to the Alarm + and Alarm - screw terminals on the main panel.   

  • Have you checked to make sure it isn't just a speaker? Take a look at this article with some of the troubleshooting steps -

    The good news is that a replacement siren is inexpensive and available.

  • Thanks Andy! You were absolutely right.  Nothing by static.  I ordered the honeywell as a replacement.  Can't beat an $8 fix!

  • Awesome! I picked it up because I had the same issue. Works great and plenty loud. I also hid my buzzer in the enclosure. Glad it worked for you!

  • I had the same thing for mine. I went a different route and picked up a siren driver instead. As it turns out, the board failed on me, and now I have no siren - Guess I'm off to get an $8 siren myself! :-)

  • Hello, can I use this siren? For what is the yellow wire? It’s cutted in my old installation. Thanks!
  • I'm gonna say - probably. I'd test it off the alarm out on the main board. Just hook up the black/red wires coming from the siren. It looks like the yellow may be unused. If not the one listed above is a great, affordable alternative.

  • Ok, I'll test it when I receive my konnected board. If it doesn't work I'll buy the one listed above.


  • Hello, just say that my siren works perfectly. Thanks.

  • A newbie question - is the the Wave2 a siren for indoor or outdoor use?  I need indoor and I presume that outdoor ones are far too loud.


  • Chris - the Wave2 is an indoor siren

  •  Thanks, Nate.  Soon I will have it all working.  Now to choose a good - non-techy, wife-friendly, good looking - cut-off switch so she can silence it if I'm not here without having to navigate what she would call "yet another" screen.

  •  Just received my Wave2 siren, but I have to admit that I haven't found the resource that tells me where to connect the 12v siren on the main alarm board or the extender. I bet I'm missing something. Can you help?  And then I want to configure it to trigger when the smoke alarms are triggered (I think I figured out how to do that in SmartThings hub)

  • You just need to connect the 2 wires to the Alarm +/- on the main Alarm board (G goes to negative / #1 or #2 goes to positive - can't remember which one). You will need to set the Alarm Out zone for a siren/strobe. And you will set up the alerts using SmartHome Monitor.

  •  Andy, thanks.

    Argh, just discovered that while the detectors I checked  (in the 1992 vintage house I bought, not built) are 4-wire, not 2-wire, so I'm out of luck!

    (It's still a bit of mystery how they are interconnected, but nonetheless, they are there)

    It's been a real adventure.

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