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This is my first Konnected setup - for my garage in Ireland, which is now mounted and functional.

(3.93 MB)
  • Simon, 

    Very nice configuration and build out of the Konnected DIY modules. Depending on how critical this system is you may want to consider adding a Backup Battery to your DIY, Smart Hub and Router to ensure continuous coverage with power outages. 


  • Yes. I've just posted a picture of it mounted.  With it's backup battery.  The SmartThings hub and router are on a UPS.  My ASUS 4G-AC55U router is connected to the Internet using mobile broadband (connected to a 4G aerial on a TV mast on my roof) - it has a fallback 4G router should the SIM fail for any reason (like running out of credit, which it has done before).

  • This board is the first of three at my house in Ireland (I also live in Illinois).  Board I'm working on now is getting wired to a set of Taxex/Pulnix IR beams that surround the house and were user (long time ago) to warn of anyone approaching.  I have got the beams working again and their outputs are now going onto another Konnected panel so that I can get ST to do stuff if anyone approaches.

    After that the old wired alarm system in the house is getting replaced by a Konnected system, but I'm waiting on my new boards to arrive before I start on that.

  • Here that second picture again......

    (4.67 MB)
  • Simon, 

    I'm intrigued by your IR beam sensors. You mentioned Taxex/Pulnix IR beams ... all I could find with a quick search online was TAKEX PULNIX Sensors and the price was a bit sporty for my blood. Do you have any knowledge on alternate less expensive IR TX/RX sensors for outdoor use?


  • @Greg Gordon

    Garage door opener sensors could work but they don't do so well in the sun.

    @Simon J. Burke

    I don't see your second photo. What is connected to your relay module? I have the same one and I'm looking to fill the 4th slot.

  • I see my second picture still didn't turn up.  These IR sensors were installed over 20 years ago by previous owners, who had a high security requirement - so I inherited them.  Some time ago I looked them up and I saw there were pricy - but on eBay there were some that were not too bad, so I thought that if I needed spare parts I'd go there - in the end to get them running again I just needed a new PSU and a new backup battery - exactly the same as the 12V PSU and battery setup that's  in an alarm panel.  The beams operate at two different levels, so a dog or fox etc won't trigger them - both levels need to be broken at the same time to trigger.  So a person, car or a deer would do the trick.  Each sensor aims at another identical one, two sets of sensors are probably about 125 to 150 feet apart.  So they form a big triangle around the house.

  • That sounds awesome! I would love to make my basement into a Mission Impossible style game!

  • Here we go again - it was 5MB - maybe too big - so I've reduced it down.

    I didn't have the relay module connected up when I took this pic - it's currently only connected to the Alarm Bell.

  • Don't know why my 2nd picture won't appear - Nate?

  • We fixed the problem with the attachments not showing. Sorry!

  • No Problem.....

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