Amazon Fire Tablets to replace keypad


Inspired by Nate, I am working to change out my two alarm keypads with Amazon tablets that I picked off Woot.  I have Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles setup.  Right now I used Android developer settings to keep on while plugged in.  I am thinking of using the Fully paid option to turn off the screen and back on based on motion detected by the camera.  But the one thing I would love is some option to control my media playback.  I like to play MP3's while sleeping.  Can Amazon Fire OS do split screen?  Can ActionTiles play/pause my VLC app or other media app?  I would love easily control this media while still seeing my zones in one place.

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  •  DavidL,

    It appears that you have the same mount that I have. Nice idea with the hole for the paper clip. My faceplate is easily removed and re-attached if/when I need to use that button.

  • Thanks David! I went with the model that has the open slot like the one I got from Konnected. So access should be OK. Sounds like you got the 2 piece frame that fully enclosed the tablet? You can see the opening on my attachment here. I just got through prepping the wall in our bedroom for this secondary set up.
  • @Todd, Yeah I was not sure if the faceplate could be removed easily so I went with the power hole.  I am glad I did since I made the mistake of not having everything setup on the tablet before I mounted it, so I had several reboots :)  Todd, your pictures of the install is actually like mine except I ran power up to the junction box from an outlet below and used an USB outlet to power the tablet.  If I did not have the power close I would have used the adapter you guys did.  I used the old keypad wires to hook my peizo buzzer.

    @Greg, yeah is it the 2 piece mount like Todd got too.  I would have got a mount like yours but at the time I did not see a 10 inch mount available, also liked Joseph's j-box mounting.  So your second one, is it replacing an old keypad from the alarm for power?  Can you put 2 tablets on one Konnected AUX or do you have to have two Konnected boards?

  • I am running both of them on a separate 12V power plug.

    I have three total Konnected boards, so I left the 2 motion sensors and the 2 glass break sensors on the second and third board AUX power positions and my siren off of the main board. All seems fine so far.

    I wanted to run my USB adapter on a single pair (and it actually worked) but the voltage drop gave me reason for cause. I wound up using both pairs to transport the 12V - other wise I would have put a buzzer behind the pads in the wall.

    On second thought, I am dropping from 12VDC to 5VDC (USB adapter) - if the inbound voltage drops to lik e 9V or maybe 8V (anything over 5V) am I really in trouble? Stepping it down to 5V anyway - 'seems' like it would be easier on the converter.

  • . . . . *reason for pause that is . . . 

  •  @Gregory, now you have me wondering......I am using the 12VDC - 5VDC USB adapter as you and many here do. I put the converter in the box behind my pad and am using a single wire pair from the 12VDC on the Konnected board. I am using the only other wire pair for the buzzer, also mounted in the box behind my pad. Should I be concerned about the voltage drop to 5VDC?

  • Well, I measured ~8V at the input side of the adapter and really didn’t think past it. I just bonded the second pair in and now read really close to 12V. I have a long run on this one - maybe 80’? In retrospect, I was probably fine because I was dropping it to 5 V anyway. That’s what had me thinking. The next one I install will only be about a 20 foot loop, so I will definitely use one pair and put the buzzer on the second pair.
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