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Inspired by Nate, I am working to change out my two alarm keypads with Amazon tablets that I picked off Woot.  I have Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles setup.  Right now I used Android developer settings to keep on while plugged in.  I am thinking of using the Fully paid option to turn off the screen and back on based on motion detected by the camera.  But the one thing I would love is some option to control my media playback.  I like to play MP3's while sleeping.  Can Amazon Fire OS do split screen?  Can ActionTiles play/pause my VLC app or other media app?  I would love easily control this media while still seeing my zones in one place.

  • @Todd,

    I just installed the same mount (today) from Joseph at MotifsEtc on, though with a 10 inch Kindle (2017 version).  Got it for $100 on sale at Christmas 2018.  I know it is big but both my wife and my eye site are not so good and we plan to add several cameras in the future, so I will have a full screen of tiles :)

    Also I installed it a little different than what most do here, I extended power from a lower existing outlet up to the tablet mount to an USB outlet (I bought everything Joseph suggested)  It all fit perfectly.

    I will be asking several questions too going forward but I think I am in the right forum.

    My first question:

    What is everyone doing about Security on their Tablets?  Since our tablets are connected to the Internet 24/7 through our home networks this is major concern to me, I plan on installing Anti-Virus/Firewall.  I have AVG on all my other devices so probably will use it.  After all is installed, I will turn back On protection to stop Apps from Unknown Sources being able to be installed.  Any other suggestions?

    Also, does anyone have any experience with NoRoot Firewall on Google Store?



  • Here is:

    A Step-by-Step Video on How to Install Google Play Store on your Kindle

    The above includes the links to the 4 installs needed...


  • I have to say that the most disappointing part of my setup is the Fire HD 10 tablet with Actiontiles and Full Kiosk Browser. It's been the least dependable part of my setup. 

    Running a close second is Konnected until they make a change to allow setting some sort of sensitivity delay on sensors (another thread discussion). I get false alarms with enough frequency that I've basically stopped using my alarm when we're at home (like when sleeping) and only use it when we're away.

  • Just want to share that AVG's Firewall only works on Rooted Tablets/Phones

  • @Rich Heimlich

    Sorry to hear you are having problems.  What I have found is it is not Konnected but Smart Things Monitor that has been our issues.  Many times our phones are not recognized as being home to Auto Disable Alarm.  We understand there is a delay between Konnected and Smart Things but not a 20 minute delay at times.  Thinking of trying Home Assistant for Raspberry Pi, being a local solution hopefully it will have no delays.

    Do you have the Konnected board or the Interface board?

  • I have the full Konnected setup, not the interface. In my case it seems to be Konnected as the alarm fires triggers, but SmartThings never shows the sensor in question as having fired. And it's usually the same device (a sensor in a guest bedroom window). I'm thinking of replacing that sensor, but it was never a problem before and, according to SmartThings, isn't a problem now. It's one of those typical old-style windows sensors with two wires running to it. Just not 100% sure what to replace it with or if that would really even solve the issue. 

    The three things I'd really like to see from Konnected at this point:

    1. The option to set a threshold for reporting a sensor trip. I highly suspect that if I could, say, double whatever that default is now, all this would vanish and still leave a completely secure system. 

    2. A nice web-type interface to be able to access the boards, see settings and states and even possibly make modifications.

    3. An interest in this thread! 

  • I would Definitely replace the magnet sensor, I had one go bad and it fixed my issue.  Mine are like these:

    I think for windows, most installers use clear silicone on top of the sensor, you might check it first.  I know mine got real dirty once and I had to reseal.

    If this does not fix your issue, I would move the window to another Zone on your Konnected board and if that works, you may have a bad Konnected board, but I am leaning toward your sensor being your issue.

    You may see some of your request in the future since Konnected is an Open Source solution.


  • Thanks David, but I do find it a bit hard to believe that the sensor went bad the day I installed Konnected. It never had an issue once in three years prior. Mine is your typical two-wire small rectangle with another small rectangle that sits next to it on the window.

  • @Rich Heimlich

    I would also double check your wires from the window at the Konnected board, you may have a bad connection there or an almost broke wire which would explain the intermittent false alarms since moving the wires around during the Konnected Install.  You could move the wires around while monitoring your smart phone Smart Things App to test.

    If the wire is not your problem, I would swap the window on the Konnected board with a good working Zone to see if you have a Zone issue on the Konnected board.


    If you you are down to replacing the sensor, the rectangular surface mount sensors are even easier to replace than mine.

    Wish the Best, let us know,


  • Definitely not the zone as the wires are on the same zone as another window in that room and it never has an issue.  Just need to figure out how to get at the two wires on that tiny mount at the window. My other sensors are blatantly obvious. This one is not quite as obvious.

  • I am having misuse setting up a new Fire 7 tablet. I can’t get the scripts to run to install files between my PC and the tablet. When I do “adb devices” I get a unauthorized and can’t get past it. Done a lot of what google search recommends on drivers but I just can’t reach the tablet via adb. I can browse to files on the tablet. Thoughts? Dennis
  • @Dennis Trop

    Dennis, sorry I have No experience with ADB, you might join a few Forums and ask for their help...

    Best Wishes,


  • @Todd

    Your mount looks great!

    I use Lux Auto Brightness from the google play store.

    I have a profile set up to dim sub-zero at sunset and return to normal at sunrise.

    I have simplified my on-screen options for the tablets. Now just "alarm mode display", arm night, arm away, disarm, and panic.

    I use my Dakboard URL as my "screensaver" that shows the weather, calendar, time, .....

    Touching the screen opens to Actiontiles.

    I was working on a way to view my Nest Hello doorbell cam through the tablet but it took a lot of backroads and caused some security issues. However, while I was working on it, Google released the Home Hub display! This will automatically show the doorbell camera when the doorbell is pressed or when I say "show me the front door". If the face is recognized, my Google Assistant will broadcast "Daddy is home" or "John is at the front door". If it does not recognize the face, it will broadcast "Someone is at the front door".

    Since the Google Home Hub can control the basic home automation things I have I am just using the Fire tablets on the walls for the Konnected alarm system.

  • For those using Amazon's Fire HD or any Android Tablet or Phone, I Highly Recommend NoRoot Firewall (it's free)  NoRoot Firewall

    I only have 2 things Allowed through the WiFi:

    AVG Anti-Virus and Fully Kiosk Browser

    This is an App/Service Blocking Firewall, not Port Blocking.  It is great to stop the bloatware with this...

    I am sure I will be Allowing a few more rules like System Updates, etc. once I test/use it more.

    You get Push Notifications of which Apps are trying to use the Internet, so take Updates for instance, you launch an Update then check Notifications for what App/Service is trying to access the Internet at that time.  Then in NoRoot Permanently Allow.

    Hope this helps those who are Security aware, I feel a lot better now about the Security on my ActionTiles Tablet.

    I do have a request;  Please post some pictures of your ActionTiles Screens, I am curious what everyone is putting on their Screens...Thanks, David

  • So newbie question here - I know nothing about Action Tiles nor the Fully Kiosk browser. Is there a primer or introduction to getting these up and running here? Have an 8" Fire tablet showing up tomorrow. I thought I read  that I could configure my interface on a PC and then just transfer the format to the tablet. Was kind of hoping to work on that while waiting on the tablet to show up.

    So far my 18 zone Konnected has performed well. We left in in 'Alarm Home' all day yesterday and overnight with no rude alarms sounding. 

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