Amazon Fire Tablets to replace keypad


Inspired by Nate, I am working to change out my two alarm keypads with Amazon tablets that I picked off Woot.  I have Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles setup.  Right now I used Android developer settings to keep on while plugged in.  I am thinking of using the Fully paid option to turn off the screen and back on based on motion detected by the camera.  But the one thing I would love is some option to control my media playback.  I like to play MP3's while sleeping.  Can Amazon Fire OS do split screen?  Can ActionTiles play/pause my VLC app or other media app?  I would love easily control this media while still seeing my zones in one place.

  • Also, for anyone that has used both Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles, I'd love to get the ActionTiles guy to note the amazing difference between their pinpads. FKB has one that takes up half the screen and always works. The pinpad on AT, even on a 10" device, is extremely prone to input errors. I also want to find a way to support user-pins and such instead of just one global pin. 

  • For those of you who have your own 3D printers, I came across this on thingiverse: .  

    I'll be printing it myself over the next week or so and will post again with the results. I just couldn't pay the $35 price for the already-created frame - especially since I need two.  $35 seems to be the going price online though, so no disrespect to Jason Thomas.

  •  ApexDestroyer13,

    I really like your setup. I want to do what you are doing with the Fire pad. I bought an HD 8 hoping I could root it. Of course, Amazon has updated the OS even of the 2017 pads so I cannot root.......yet. Can I do what you have done without begin rooted?

    Which case are you using? Which converter are you using? Which USB charging cable are you using? I will be getting the 12V power from my Konnected board. I want to use the flat USB charging cable. I am currently setting up my ActionTiles. I have not set up anything with Fully yet, but I would like your help with that.

  •  I like this mount : this mount

    All comments welcome!!

    image 0

  • Does anyone have experience setting up a more pleasant chime (other than the piezo) through Lanouncer and BigTalker2?  The instructions on this are pretty minimal and I need pretty detailed instructions as a noob.  For instance, after installing Lanouncer, step 2 has you creating a virtual device in ST for Lanouncer.  I don't know how to do that.  Please help.  Thank you!

  • @Todd,

    Yes, you can do this without rooting. You will need to go into the settings and find "allow unknown apps" and enable it. Next, you will need to download the Google APKs (Account Manager, Services Framework, Play Services, Play Store). You will need to do this in the correct order. (If it does not work, try a previous version of the Play Services and Play Store APKs.) Mine is an HD 8 and It works well.

    I bought the flat cable and the wall mount from Nate here on Konnected. I'm not sure if the person is making them anymore.

  • @Todd,

    I have changed my setup again but I haven't had time to post anything.

    I have tried a ton of options and finally settled on DAKboard with FullyKiosk............ but I have so much more WebCore stuff to do that I may evolve it again.

    I have some Nest cams and a Nest Doorbell that I would like to display on the screen but the only way to accomplish this is to make my cameras public. (I don't want to do that!)

    Google just released the Google Home Hub that works directly with Nest. I pre-ordered 1 and I will see home much smart control it has. Basically, they are now selling what I have created and what I was trying to accomplish.

    My end goal is to have screens around the house with the capabilities of the Home Hub.

  • @Mike Gommi,

    I set up Lanouncer and Big talker but I found a better option. I can't remember how I configured that combo but I'll see if I can find some more info to help you out.

    Now I am using The Google Assistant APK to announce through my Google Home's speakers. It uses the Google assistant's voice so that I don't have 2 different "Smart Home Voices". (That was my problem with Lanouncer)

    The Google Assistant works great and I can have Google say anything I want at any time I want. ie when I get home, my Nest Hello recognizes me and announces across all of my Google Homes "Daddy's Home". When my brother comes over, she announces "James, the nerd, has arrived". I can also give Google custom commands with custom responses and actions. ie "Hey Google, scan James for analysis" She responds with "Scanning James....... scan analysis reveals James to be a nerd" OR "Hey Google,  it's bedtime" She responds with "Ok, all of the doors and windows are closed and locked. I am now setting the alarm to night mode."

    It's really cool to do but it gets pretty complicated and you will need to learn WebCore and a few other things. I am no expert and I figured it out. If your up for it, then give it a shot. 

  • @ Todd,

    Here is a link to the basics. 

    Google Play on Fire Tablet

  • Thank you for all the info @Apexdestroyer13. Sounds like you have a very cool set up.
  • Agreed. Thanks ApexDestroyer13. I will have future questions.
  • @ApexDestroyer13,

    I am very interested in this Google Assistant APK setup you have for announcement.  

    Please let us know what you did.

  • @ApexDestroyer13

    I am ready to install my Fire HD 8. I REALLY wish I could root it. I installed an "Old-work" box and put the converter and buzzer in it. I purchased this CONVERTER and this USB CHARGING CABLE. I power the converter with 2 wires and the buzzer with 2 wires from the 4 wires left from my original controller. They are wired to the Konnected board. I purchased this WALL MOUNT. I am using ActionTiles and Fully browser. I am using Smart Home Monitor. I am having trouble with the buzzer delay. I have installed SHM Delay Version 2.0 but I am not getting an Exit delay. I am using very basic ActionTiles as my wife did not want all of the "goodies" that I like on the screen.





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  • @ApexDestroyer13
    How do I set my HD 8 screen to dim at night? It is too bright in the bedroom. Can it dim to black? I do not use motion to wake the screen.


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