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Inspired by Nate, I am working to change out my two alarm keypads with Amazon tablets that I picked off Woot.  I have Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles setup.  Right now I used Android developer settings to keep on while plugged in.  I am thinking of using the Fully paid option to turn off the screen and back on based on motion detected by the camera.  But the one thing I would love is some option to control my media playback.  I like to play MP3's while sleeping.  Can Amazon Fire OS do split screen?  Can ActionTiles play/pause my VLC app or other media app?  I would love easily control this media while still seeing my zones in one place.

  • It would depend on the tablet you choose. If you there is a kindle (android) app, you could switch between them and it should provide some level of control. But I don't think there is a single integrated interface. Action tiles can control most things in ST but not other hubs.

  • Is the 3D Case still available?
  • Do you have a link to that flat usb cable?

  • So I want to get this frame/USB cable combo but I am having a hard time justifying spending 10 bucks more for the frame and cable than I did for the tablets.
  •  @ApexDestroyer13

    What does the 'Alarm Status - Disarmed' tile do on your Action Tiles (top left)?  This appears to be a Smart Home Monitor tile, no?  If so, I tried using the new SmartThings app, which includes this new functionality, but it only picks up some of my Konnected devices.  Can you provide more details on what this tiles does for you? 

    I'm basically looking for tile/functionality that will prevent the siren from firing if I put the system in a 'disabled' state. 

  • Sorry for the stupid question if I buy a SmartThings hub a voltage converter a fire 7 and install the SmartThings app to change my dsc keypad will it work and then buy the konnected board later on when it will be more easer to sign up with SmartThings and all that sign up instructions. Thanks
  •  An alternative way to mount your Fire HD7 tablet:

    I recently got two Fire HD7 7th Gen tablets for $10 each.  My house was prewired for an alarm system, so I've been slowly building it out.  Today I got an initial five zones up and running, not I want to play with the tablets before moving on.

    I bought this case, this USB right angle plug, and this 12V/24V - 5V step down adapter.  I'll mount the case to an existing single gang box in the wall.  The case actually looks quite smooth and refined.

    I'm also not sure I want to use Action Tiles, but I'm looking into webCore.  Here's the Google Play link for it.

    I don't know how refined it is yet, but we'll find out.  This thread got me turned on to it.

    Once I've got the integration done I'll be happy to post some photos.  Right now everything is just in hacky stage and not photo worthy.

  • First I want to say that I have been looking for something like this for some time now. This is great!!!! The only issue I have with this is that I will need to make this solution VERY user friendly for a few family menbers is my house. The easiest would be to keep my current keypad and just change the backend. But I don’t want to deal with the complexity of having to disarm two systems, etc. I really like the tablet idea, but won’t this pose a security issue if the tablet is unloicked? I know I can lock the screen on a tablet but wanted to know if there is a pin code to arm\disarrm the alarm similar to the old keypad?
  • Yes.  Actiontiles allows you to set a pin to any of the tiles if you want to.

  • Great! Thanks
  • First post so be kind :) Fun project getting this up and going. Have 2 tablets, 18 zone, lannoucer, bigtalk, SHMDelay, actiontiles working etc.

    My question with the tablet is I have K7 Fire working fine but it's mounted in the bedroom. I set the screen delay to 10 seconds and it goes off great. I don't want to use motion detection to wake because frankly I don't like a camera staring at my bed all night long. So I'm left with pressing the power button, then swiping up to get actiontiles back front and center within FullyK. Any ideas here on how to wake without those two steps? I've read most of the apps that allow you to wake by double tapping the screen are no good.  Kindle is too bright to leave on at night even at dim setting. Thanks for any thoughts here. 

  • Hi, all I'm trying to power a tablet.  I have the 12v to 5v converter.  My question is what port on the Konnected board do I connect the other end to.  I thought I had it right but I don't have any power at the tablet end.

  • You will want a Y splitter from the power cord. The board is powered from 12v.
  •  I bought one of these to install in my alarm cabinet, an will route power to the box where my tablet will be installed.

  • Be aware that motion won't work at night in a dark environment. However, I set my Fire HD 10 running Fully Kiosk Browser (Pro) to a high sensitivity for the accelerometer and that does the trick better than anything. A tap to the screen wakes it and only SOMETIMES does it light up otherwise, but not in any annoying way -- like when the door next to it closes. Not a bad thing actually.

    The cool thing I'm doing with mine is that it uses Tasker and a couple plugins to handle the bulk of security (along with webcore) on the tablet. For example, when the alarm is on and someone comes in I wanted reliable audio to trigger to let that person know they need to disable the alarm. Webcore wasn't reliable for this so now the tablet instead plays the Mission Impossible theme song whenever someone comes in and if they take long enough they get a warning that there's only 10 seconds left before Armageddon. 

    I also am running ActionTiles, but really wish it was much farther along in development. Great guy behind it, but it seems really limited in so many ways. Time will fix that, but darn it, I'm impatient! hehe.

    The biggest thing I ran into was being able to root and getting decent performance. The 10 has the performance we need. The 8's are not all that snappy and they can't be rooted any longer. That's a real shame as I have two other doors I need these for and I really would prefer that they also not be 10" displays. That would be MASSIVE overkill, but anything smaller is just woefully slow.

    I also looked at frames, but decent ones cost MORE than the darned tablet (on Prime Day) and that just isn't going to go over here.

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