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Inspired by Nate, I am working to change out my two alarm keypads with Amazon tablets that I picked off Woot.  I have Fully Kiosk Browser and ActionTiles setup.  Right now I used Android developer settings to keep on while plugged in.  I am thinking of using the Fully paid option to turn off the screen and back on based on motion detected by the camera.  But the one thing I would love is some option to control my media playback.  I like to play MP3's while sleeping.  Can Amazon Fire OS do split screen?  Can ActionTiles play/pause my VLC app or other media app?  I would love easily control this media while still seeing my zones in one place.

  • I replaced three alarm keypads with Fire tablets. I haven’t received my Konnected Panel yet so am using the 12v power from the old panel (and the 12v to 5v USB adapters). My problem is the old panel does not provide enough amps to charge even one tablet when Fully is on and using the motion sensing and black screensaver solution to workaround the Fire lock screen issue. My question is twofold: how many amps will the Konnected Panel provide, and can anyone with more knowledge of electrical circuitry than me suggest some sort of auxiliary power supply I can use at the panel? I have plenty of A/C outlets available at the panel but need to use the 12v wiring to the tablets that already exists.
  • The new Konnected panels do have an aux output. The siren output and the aux output are the same however the aux output is not switched and is always on. (They have a common "+") I would connect the tablets to this. 3 tablets would be a lot of load but you can try it. Also the tablets do not have to be directly connected to the alarm panel. You might consider installing a recessed USB outlet for the tablets.
  • I recommend a separate power supply if you need to power three tablets. Just pick up an extra 12V power supply:

    and an adapter with screw terminals:

    You can power the tablets directly from that. 

  • Thanks Apex and Nate! After I posted my question this morning I found this post, which answered both of my questions. Unfortunately I went ahead and purchased the power adapter Nathan mentioned without realizing you have them too Nate -- and for less than what I paid! I am so geeked and can't wait to get my Konnected panel!

  • How do you customize the look?  I loaded Chrome and the standard internet browser on the tablet and changed the look, but it Fully Kiosk Browser it still looks the same.  Do I have to change the start url of FKB to load it through there and make the changes?  I ca't figure out how to leave my default start url as my ActionTiles url and go to the clocktab url.

  • @Apex,

    How do you configure the look using Fully Kiosk Browser?  The screensaver from there is initiating the clocktab web page, but I cannot configure it, cause as soon as I touch the screen the clock goes away.  Do I have to change the start url of FKB to first and configure it?  I didn't want do do that and loose the ActionTiles huge url.

  • Reenable the address bar in the Fully Kiosk browser.

    Make sure the settings within Fully Kiosk have cookies enabled.

    Visit and adjust the clock to how you want it.

    It should hold the settings when you re-visit the page. (test it out in the browser)

    I have recently switched to DAK  Board. It is a little fancier and it has more customizations but a basic clock. You can also view a Nest Cam live feed directly. I have this setup as a digital peephole for my front door using my Nest Hello.

    I have my tablet set up with DAKBoard as the screensaver that shows my Nest Hello, Clock, Nest Thermostats temp, Weather forecast, and calendars. I had to change the screensaver settings to "touch" instead of "motion detection"

    Having all of this as my screensaver allows me to use ActionsTiles more to control my smart home and less as eye candy.

  • Oh, that one looks even better. I still haven't found a solution for combining my ActionTiles and playback of my mp3 playlist. I have been using Fully+ClockTab+ActionTiles / VLC. Problem is that if I leave Fully active I find VLC is dropping out of memory even though it is actively playing in the background. If I have VLC active, I don't get the nice screensaver and it takes a few seconds when switching between them when it has been idle. This is probably something about the memory on my Fire 8. I am definitely going to look at DAK Board to replace ClockTab though.
  • So you only need 2 of the 4 wires going to the keypad to replace with a tablet? Would it be better if I wired 2 together and used that as one wire, then the other 2 for the other wire?

  • Yes, you will only need 2 of the wires to power the tablet. I wouldn't connect the 4 pair to make a 2 pair.

    You can use the other 2 for something else. I used my other 2 for the piezo buzzer and put it in the wall behind the tablet.

  • OK.. just doesn't seem like much wire for the power. I supposed this ties in on the aux power on the board? Does it matter which board? My main board has 2 plugs (one positive and one negative I assume). Add on boards has 3 slots.

  • You can connect the wires to the AUX +/- on the Konnected board or the legacy board to power the tablet. Most tablets are 5v so you should get a voltage converter that are available at

  • I assume by Legacy board, you are referring to the Add-On board?

  • By "legacy board" I mean your old alarm board. Basically you just need a 12V DC source which you can step down to 5V. You choices for that would be - Old Board aux, Konnected Main or Add-on Board AUX. 

  • I am looking to replace my keypads with tablets as well.  I would love to do more to control my smart home than just SmartThings on ActionTiles.  Is there a way to add Wink, Nest, Phillips, and/or any other integrations on the tablet?

    Sorry if my question sounds elementary.  I'm just beginning my homework and don't necessarily know where to start.  Thanks for any help you can provide!

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