If you have multiple Konnected boards or if you buy a relay module, you can easily add other, non security, things. Instead of the siren, you could use the relay to switch on a sprinkler system, garage door opener, pool pump, motorized gate, or anything. Have fun with it and share your projects! If you need help there are a lot of people that can get you in the right direction.
  • I’d like to power a motorized door that accepts 12V DC (requires about 1A current) from my Konnected Board. The catch is that it calls for a dual throw (up-off-down). It would be easy for me to wire if it were a zwave dry contact relay, like a MIMOlite. Is it possible to accomplish this via Konnected?
  • I used the Alarm output to turn in a relay momentarily to OPEN a normally closed contact wired to zone 1 of my alarm panel. This makes the chime sound on the existing keypads when doors and windows are opened. It is very slow though.
  • @Mark Olson

    I don't think there is device handler that allows for a dual throw switch. 


    You can use one of the zones to achieve this as well. 

    I would use the alarm output for something that requires 12v of power like a siren or strobe.

  • I don’t wanna waste a whole zone for that :) I only have 6 zones for 26 wires coming from my house wiring. Every one of the 15 windows was separate so I put those in series as one zone “All Windows” I used the 12V to activate the relay
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