Ethernet Port. First Post on the board!

I think that adding an ethernet port would be a good option. I like the reliability of a wired connection. 

  • same here. I already had 2, but will hold off on purchasing more until there is an ethernet version. ideally with POE, but that I don't worry as much

  • I have hardwired a new home during construction with cat8 ethernet cable for central network closet, POE surveillance cameras and wired all windows and doors to avoid the chance of hack or jamming the alarm system and so on. I am considering looking for another alarm system that relies on hardwired sensors, perhaps Raspberry pi and building my own system. It would be nice to have a LAN connection on the Konnect Main board.
  • Wired Ethernet is the only thing I want. Seems dumb that this system is WiFi only.

  • Adding to the chorus of ethernet option here.  I have over 20 devices on my wifi network and the more I can hard-wire, the better.

  • Please add me to to the ethernet option list.  I'm really interested in giving konnected a shot, but strongly prefer a hard-wired option.

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