Ethernet Port. First Post on the board!

I think that adding an ethernet port would be a good option. I like the reliability of a wired connection. 

  • same here. I already had 2, but will hold off on purchasing more until there is an ethernet version. ideally with POE, but that I don't worry as much

  • I have hardwired a new home during construction with cat8 ethernet cable for central network closet, POE surveillance cameras and wired all windows and doors to avoid the chance of hack or jamming the alarm system and so on. I am considering looking for another alarm system that relies on hardwired sensors, perhaps Raspberry pi and building my own system. It would be nice to have a LAN connection on the Konnect Main board.
  • Wired Ethernet is the only thing I want. Seems dumb that this system is WiFi only.

  • Adding to the chorus of ethernet option here.  I have over 20 devices on my wifi network and the more I can hard-wire, the better.

  • Please add me to to the ethernet option list.  I'm really interested in giving konnected a shot, but strongly prefer a hard-wired option.

  • Yes.  The only thing giving me pause with buying 4-5 modules is lack of ethernet connection.  PoE would be a nice bonus.

  •  This product very innovative, and I think is OK to use it as an add-on to a real hardwired system monitored security system if you are a home automation hobbyist as I'm.  Until an Ethernet version is offered, I would think very carefully about relying on this device for security.   Just google WiFi Jammer for all you need to know about defeating this device and the whole WiFi for less than $20.00.  And yes, PoE would be a real plus for the pro community.

  •  IMO, a thief is more likely to physically cut your ISP cable than to use a jammer.  Most ISP terminals are readily accessible on the outside of the home though there are home with terminals on the inside.

  • I don't disagree, Steve, but IMO the goal should be to improve reliability and remove unnecessary points of failure whenever possible.  Especially with a security-centric product.

    Would be great to hear some feedback from the Konnected team as to whether this is might be in progress, still being considered, or simply not part of their roadmap.  ??

  • Having a hardwired connection is not just for when a thief is around. It's for day-to-day reliability. And besides, you can always have a cellular Internet backup. It's pretty easy and cheap to do with something like a UBNT edgerouter.

    I contacted customer service about a month ago and this was their response:

    "For the next generation of boards we are considering other connection options including wired ethernet or zwave. We are hoping to have the board out in the next 6 months."

    Personally, I will be buying 3 or 4 units, so I'm holding off any purchase until this happens.

  • Wonder what the zwave would be used for.

  • As the interface between the Konnected board and the zwave hub, I assume. Ethernet would be a better option over zwave for numerous reasons, but either would be a good alternative to WiFi in my opinion.
  •  I'm not an expert on this but why would zwave be a better option over wifi?  The only reason I can see is if wifi goes down, zwave would continue to work. 

  • Quick question.
    If you have multiple SmartHome products do they all need to be on the same WiFi?

    My thought is to install an access point with unique SSID inside the alarm box.

    Then wire that to my home network.  Yes, it could still be jammed, but I am not that worried, and more concerned with just general WiFi drop outs and problems.
    Home hub will be on the ethernet network, as will the other (Main) access point that puts out the home wide WiFi SSID.

  • @neil Yes, you can set up the Konnected on its own wifi. I have mine on a 5g hidden network that is only for Konnected.
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