Ethernet Port. First Post on the board!

I think that adding an ethernet port would be a good option. I like the reliability of a wired connection. 

  •  Last communication from Nate is that it is in the works, but won't be ready "until next year".

  • Put me down for 2 units when the hardwired version becomes available! Wifi in the garage where my box lives is spotty, but my whole house patch panel is within inches. Not to add complexity to the feature request but POE would make a good thing even better.  You guys are doing cool stuff and I want to be a part of it.

  • Ethernet with POE would be the perfect solution.
  • Another vote for a hardwired internet connection option.
  • Hello guys, I'm new in opensource home automation but totally agree with you about!, I would never trust RF security and is definitely too easy to jam.
    Looking around I've found this product:
    Do you guys think could be an alternative in order to expand the GPIO on a Rpi runnig homeassitant in order to make an alarm system? If  so it could also help with wiring process in big building since with a single cat V cable it could transfer 16 sensor state to the main Rpi.

  • +1 for ethernet port vice wifi!

  • You need an ethernet connection. What good is this product if I can render all of your sensors useless with the Jammer in my pocket? Why would you create a wired solution crippled with a wireless uplink? This is failure by Design.
  • I agree, we NEED an ethernet connected Konnected to match the same security that traditional alarm systems have using a hardwired phone line. But most households dont have a dedicated landline. When we stopped our landline service, our old alarm company come out and installed a cellular connection. Its more likely that a robber is going to have a cellular signal jammer (given more alarms connect that way) than a wifi jammer. 

  • Another vote for Ethernet!
  • JC...    So. you're just going to assume that the intruder is going to only jam the cellular provider your alarm is using, and NOT jam zwave wifi or zigbee.  That's just dumb.

  • Yep - fixing to order and all I could think about (while driving yesterday) was having a dedicated Ethernet hard wired port. 

  • +1 on ethernet support (preferably POE).

  • To me it's a "no brainer" to add Ethernet support for this product as I would be hesitant to making my wired alarm system wireless..

    Please give us an Ethernet version, so we can choose between WiFi and Ethernet!

  • I love love love this project.  I'm ready to order 4 (I have 22 zones).  But WIFI is a no go.  I will wait until there is an ethernet option.   I really wish there was one.

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